Monday, November 5, 2012

Steve and Maggie Tie the Knot

Saturday, November 3, 2012 Steve and Maggie got married on the beach in Daytona! It was absolutely gorgeous! The weather was perfect with not a cloud in the sky! My family went down on Friday and stayed until Sunday. Saturday morning we all spent together on the beach! Steve and Maggie were both on the beach but they didn't speak to each other or even look each other's way! They didn't want to see each other before the wedding but since everyone who went to Daytona was outside they both wanted to be outside too! I have never seen Steve so happy in all of his life! These two were truly made for each other. He just beamed the entire day and I was just such a proud sister to watch him glow. He came to my room before we all met in the lobby and we got our cry over with then. He looked so handsome and Maggie was just stunning. I am so excited to have another sister! I hope she is ready for all my calls to chat and the random texts that I send! Amber has gotten used to that! The party will continue this coming Saturday in Madison for the reception then. Now the two newlyweds are on their honeymoon! Check back for a reception blog next week!

Friday, Nov. 2, 2012

Tucker in the water.

Landon scooting in the sand
The Boys
The Rehearsal

Bom and Boppa 
McKenzie and Tate
Steve- the GROOM! and Brian-the Best Man
Dad and Mom
Father of the Bride, Brownie and the Beautiful Bride, Maggie
Some sweet pictures after the rehersal

The Rehearsal Dinner

Our cousin Caitlin and Landon

Candy table
Steve's Cake
Boppa and Bom
McKenzie and Tate
Cake face Landon
The O'Shea Family

The Wedding~Nov. 3, 2012

MG and Steve
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Papa T and Tucker
Steve and Brian, Groom and Best Man
Pop Face

The Original 3 Lamb Kids!  Brian, Megan, and Steve
Their final walk as single son and Mom

Landon and Cousin Brendon

This is a bit hard to see but the in the sand there is a heart with a big L in the middle and then on Maggie's side there is a M and on Steve's side there is a cute!

Sallie, Maggie's sister
Tate and McKenzie
Bom and Boppa
Maggie's Grandparents

Dad with Mom and Tammy, Maggie's mom
The bride is coming!

Here she comes!

Tate and MG listened and were so quiet!  They did such a great job!
I love this picture of Tucker playing in the sand!
Then...look where Tucker runs...right to Steve!  Priceless!

Still hanging out with sweet!

Giving her over...


Their Vows...when it was time to say their vows Steve took off his sunglasses and looked right at Maggie.  It was the sweetest thing ever!  
The Rings

The Kiss

For the very first time...Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lamb!!!!

The Lamb Fam

Tate and Tcker
Maggie's Grandparents

Nana and Papa T with their grandkids
The Norton Fam


MG and LJ
Maggie's Uncle Matt and Aunt Leigh
Maggie's Daddy and uncles
The wedding party
Groom's Parents
Bride's Parents
Lamb Fam

All of Groom's Family
O'Shea Family
The old Lamb Family with the new Lamb Family


Siblings and Spouses
The Lamb Fam Outlaws!!!
 The sisters I never had but now I do!!
The Reception
Beautiful beachy centerpieces
The cake was beautiful and delicious!
 Their new rings!
Boppa, Bom, and LJ
Landon loved the cake!
The garter...yes he took it off with his teeth...I thought my Mom was going to die!

Tossing of the bouquet

Yes, McKenzie caught the bouquet!
Showing it off to her Daddy!
Their ride!
Here they come out of the hotel room to say goodbye!
The sparklers and bubbles...and another gorgeous dress that Maggie wore!
Maggie taking her veil to her Mama
Cait saying goodbye!
 And...they are off to happily ever after!