Friday, December 23, 2011

My Working Elves

Tuesday, Boppa and Bom flew in from NY! I picked them up at the airport and then they stayed with us until Thursday morning. Steve came up Wednesday night and spent the night and they rode to Mom's house with him. It is always so much fun to have them at our house. It is never long enough. Our visits go by way to quickly. However, as long as I had all those elves at my house, I put them all to work frosting cookies! Many hands really do make light work. My cookies were frosted and decorated in no time at all! Landon and his namesake...Landon Jay and Boppa Jay

Bom with MG

Bom and Landon

Check out these hands...

Such happy little elves!

Craig Elf and Steve Elf

Look at this cookie! So much fun!

Me and my girl! She ate more than she frosted!

Monday, December 19, 2011

One Messy Kitchen

Tonight, we made cut out cookies! McKenzie loves to do this just as much as I do! However, this is the first year that Landon is in on the Christmas cookie making! He just looked all around and watched our every move. Next year, he will be right in the middle of all the flour action! The only thing more fun to do with MG is frost and decorate! I can't wait for that mess tomorrow! So hard at work!

Telling Landon all about it!

Christmas in Young Harris

From Granny and Granddaddy's house on Friday, we traveled north to Young Harris for Christmas with Jason's family. We spent Friday night there. When Jason's parents came to our house last weekend, they brought this giant present for McKenzie and Landon. McKenzie was so excited that it was bigger than her! It was a new wagon with a top and seats!

MG in the wagon!

We made this stool for Grandma and Papa for their bathroom for Christmas. It turned out super cute!

Great Grandma and Landon

Jason's family

MG so excited to open presents!

Now MG is opening LJ's stuff!

Christmas at Granny and Grandaddy's House

Friday, after McKenzie's party at school we headed to Granny and Granddaddy's house for Christmas. It was so fun to hang out with Jason's cousin from Greenville that we never get to see. Andrew his oldest cousin is married now to a precious girl named Elisabeth. She is a nurse and works with babies. She was so great with Landon. I wish they lived closer. It was also Landon's big meeting of the cousins! Granny cooked a delicious meal like always and McKenzie was super excited about the presents! She wanted to help everyone open theirs. She is such a great age for Christmas this year. I just can't wait for Christmas morning!

Uncle Jeff

Present time

Granny and her frame! She loved it!

All the dress wearers and the dress maker!

Granny, Grandaddy, Kathy and Landon

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Becky

Papa, Landon, and McKenzie...little mommy kissing her baby!

The married cousins...can you tell who the newlyweds are?! Nice face Jason!

Granny and Landon

Brothers chatting it up!


Aunt Becky, Thomas, and Catherine

Grandaddy and MG

Thomas and Catherine making over Landon

Grandaddy, Olivia, and Landon


Precious, precious

Talking football!

McKenzie's School Christmas Party

Friday, was McKenzie's Christmas party at her preschool. It was really fun! They decorated upside down sugar cones with green frosting and then placed all kinds of candy on them and they were decorated Christmas trees. They also made ornaments with their pictures in the middle and played snowman bowling. Super cute! Here are a few pictures from the day!


This was amazing to me and very scary at the same time. Please notice how each stocking is painted. McKenzie's is the one on the far left. I think I have my hands full!

Making her Christmas tree!

Her teachers Mrs. Ritchie (in the blue) and Mrs. Shadix (in the green)

Mrs. Ritchie

Melting snowman cookies...adorable!

McKenzie and Kole...they have been together for 3 years!

McKenzie and Colton...have been together the last two years!