Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Boppa and Bom Visit

Boppa and Bom have come down from NY for Steve's wedding this Saturday. They came on Monday and stayed with us until today when my Dad came to get them. McKenzie and Landon had so much fun playing with them. It is always so nice when they come. We have the best time and I love having them at my house. It was fun to have them here on Halloween so that they could see McKenzie and Landon dressed in their Halloween clothes. They are never here for holidays and only get to see them in pictures! It was fantastic!

Boppa Jay and Landon Jay, Bom and McKenzie

McKenzie's Halloween Party

Today was McKenzie's Halloween Party at her school! It was fantastic! The room moms and the mom in charge of this party pulled out all the stops! They had a great snack and really fun games! Landon had a ball too watching all the kids run around. Happy Halloween!

Look at this snack...pumpkin shaped sandwiches and Cheetos and grapes that made up the pumpkin face!
Sweet boy having his snack!
Happy Halloween!
McKenzie is making a spider with her hand prints!  Brilliant idea!
Pin the nose on the pumpkin!
Landon with his third Mommy!  This is Grace and she loves Landon like her own!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sleeping on his Knees

Today this is what I found when I went to check on Landon during his nap. For the very first time ever, he was sound asleep with his little knees under him and his bottom in the air! Priceless! This is a huge task for him. Landon's little hips are finally getting strong enough to support himself and this was just another milestone! He has made such progress with therapy. Now Landon is pulling up on everything that stands still long enough to let him and he has begun to side step down the couch. He is doing incredibly well!


Last week we carved pumpkins! It is a toss up who has more fun, Jason or McKenzie. Landon is still a bit young to get in on the fun, but loves to watch and laughs right along! Here are our pumpkins this year!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Linsey's Baby Shower

Yesterday, I gave my third and final shower of the month! It was a baby shower for my sister in law, Linsey. Jason and I will be getting our first niece and McKenzie and Landon will get their first girl cousin! We are all so excited! Baby girl doesn't have a name yet, but is due the first week of January! The shower was really fun and all things baby! She got so many nice gifts and so many beautiful clothes, mostly pink!

The diaper wreath I made for the front door
The beautiful center pieces that Granny put together.
The clothes line!

The cake that Beth made!  It was an N bow hanger cake and was it ever delicious!  Beth makes the best cakes ever!
Sweet Mommy to Be, Linsey
The party favors

All the gifts!

Maggie's Wedding Shower

Last Saturday, October 13th, Amber and I had an autumn themed wedding shower for our new sister, Maggie! We are so excited about getting another sister! She is the perfect girl for Steve. The shower was really fun and they got so many nice gifts to start their lives together. It was a very special day!

Here is my Daddy carving the pumpkin for the pumpkin dip!  It was so fun to watch him carve a pumpkin again.  It has been years since I have carved a pumpkin with him!
MG and LJ giving the house a quick vacuum before the shower started!

Check out this cake!  Steve and Maggie are going to build a log cabin to live in.  I told my friend Beth that and this is what she made.  Can you believe it?  It was just as delicious as it is gorgeous!  Beth is amazing!

Maggie and her Mama
Maggie's beautiful niece, Emmie Kay
As part of Maggie's gift from Mom, she gave her the plates that Steve made in Preschool!
The future Maggie Lamb!!!

Lego Land

We have a new Lego Land place in Atlanta that just recently opened up. Jason took a day off and we took the kids while McKenzie was on fall break. It was so fun! There was something for all ages to do. There were two rides and even Landon could ride the laser tag one. There was a 4D movie theater that Landon and McKenzie both enjoyed! Then, there were Legos...big Legos for Landon and little Legos for McKenzie! There were two different play areas and little stations where you could build whatever your heart desired.  There even was an entire room of the city of Atlanta made out of Legos!  It was a fantastic family outing!

Landon Stands Now

Last Friday, Oct. 12th, Landon stood up all by himself! It was a huge milestone for him and I just cried! He has been in therapy for a month now to strengthen his little legs and last Friday he did it! Since then, he has been pulling up on everything! His legs are getting very strong. Therapy is really working for him!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday afternoon Jason and I took McKenzie and Landon to the local pumpkin patch. We have a tradition of going to a huge pumpkin patch every year in North GA with Tate and Tucker. However, this year we are so busy with showers and weddings that every weekend is taken. So, we had to go locally this year. And, we had a great time! Of course it was not the same as in the past with those two sweet boys but we still had fun. The pumpkin patch is set up at a local church and they have all sizes of pumpkins. They also have several different photo opts set up with fall/Halloween themes. It is very close to our house and it was just a perfect ending to yesterday. Landon still can't stand on his own but some of the bigger pumpkins held him up very well and he loved the pumpkin patch. We came home happy with two large pumpkins to carve!