Tuesday, May 28, 2013

McKenzie's First Braves Game

This post is a little out of order but honestly, I forgot to include it! Last Wednesday, May 22, Jason took McKenzie to her first Braves Game! They had a ball! She came home with a Braves hat and tomahawk! It was so hot that day and the game started at noon, that in the second inning they had to move up much higher into the shade. She has been asking when she can go to another game!

Douglasville Rodeo

Last Friday night, May 24th we went to our local rodeo. It is very close to our house and both of our kids love a good rodeo! It didn't start until 8 which is bedtime but we went anyways. Sometime you just have to live a little! We had a fantastic time! Aunt Maggie didn't make it to this one but she would have done awesome if she was there. I had to include a few pictures of my little cowboy that night!

Supper Club is Back

Finally, Supper club got back together on May 18th! We haven't seen each other all together in several months. We celebrated Heider's birthday which was May 25th. It was a freezing day here that day and raining off and on but everyone still managed to swim...everyone but Landon and me! It was way too cold for us! We had a wonderful day together and the best part is that we have dates for June and July to get together again! I'm so excited!

Heider, Tiffany, Katie, Adam, Landon, and Lobello
Landon and McKenzie love Adam...they think since he is so big he is like a climbing toy!
I love this picture...Jason just looks so little compared to Adam!

McKenzie's Last Day of School

McKenzie's last day of school was Friday, May 17th. She had a fabulous end of the year party. They did several whale activities that they got to bring home. They ate all different whale treats and even had ice cream sundaes! It was a great last day of school. McKenzie was very excited about it being the last day but also very sad to say goodbye to her friends.
First day of school, September 2012

Last day of school, May 17th, 2013...she has really gotten tall!

Landon hanging out at at the party!

McKenzie and her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Hawkinson
Painting a whale bank
Making a graduation frame
Ice Cream!!!
Grace and Landon
Grace and McKenzie
Whale hats...McKenzie, Grace, and Micah
Fola, MG, Grace, and Micah

McKenzie's ELC Graduation

Thursday, May 16th McKenzie graduated from the Early Learning Center where she has attended the last 4 years. It was so bittersweet. She has grown up so fast and it is so sad to see her graduate from preschool but at the same time kindergarten is so exciting! He class did a wonderful job singing with the other classes. After it was over with we all went back to her classroom and all the kids received a diploma and got a certificate with a superlative on it. McKenzie received the most artistic award. That girl could do art all day long, every day and not run out of things to draw or create. Her creativity is simply amazing. Nana and Papa Norton were able to come to the ceremony. Papa T was on the road and Grandma was in Norway visiting Jeffrey.

We had a pizza party for dinner at our house to celebrate McKenzie's Graduation followed by a cookie cake. That is exactly what she wanted! It was a very fun night. I know I have said this before but I truly can't believe that she is going to kindergarten in the fall and is all done the ELC.

McKenzie was in the whale class so that is why she has a whale cake!
Mommy and McKenzie before graduation
In the hallway they have an art show set up.  Each student has two pieces of art in the art show.  The teachers choose the pieces and the parents don't see them until the art show.  This was her first piece titled "Melissa"...simply hysterical!
This was her second piece titled "Landon"...So precious!
Singing her little heart out

McKenzie and her friend Grace
McKenzie receiving her awards!

After graduation...we left Landon home with a sitter.
MG, Daddy, and Papa Norton
Nana and MG

Mother's Day 2013

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! We got up and went to church where I got a rose when I picked up McKenzie. Then we came home and I took a nap! (That is what I asked for for Mother's Day!) We had a lovely dinner out and the kids were very well behaved so then we finished off the night with ice cream! It was a fabulous day!
This is as close as Landon would sit by me.  He is for sure going through the "I hate pictures" stage.
My sweet girl!  And in that huge box...the most beautiful sounding wind chimes you have ever heard!  I just love them!

This is what Landon was doing while McKenzie and I were taking pictures.  I just wanted one of the 3 of us all together up close, however, I guess I will just have to settle for two different pictures!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Party at ELC

Today was the Mother's Day Party at McKenzie's School. I look forward to this day all year long. They always do the sweetest things and make the most precious keepsakes. Today, we moms were to wait in the hallway and each child came out to get their mom with a pink rose. It was precious. MG sat me down at my place mat she made which was adorable and I put my rose in the vase she made with finger prints. Then she served me snack and punch. It was wonderful. I felt just like a queen. The teachers also put together a recipe book of the kid's favorite food that their mom makes. Each child had to tell how the recipe was made and every mom got a book with all the kid's recipes! Priceless! McKenzie's recipe was pizza, which we never make, always buy. It was hilarious! Each mom also got a beautiful card and a drawn picture of what we looked like. Along with the picture was a bunch of questions that each child got to fill in. My favorite one that McKenzie filled in was that I am 30 years old and weigh about 50 pounds! It was a fabulous day with my precious girl!

My place mat (If you click on the picture you can see all of it!)
Here is the picture of me and my answered questions!
The cookbook...
(I'm not sure why this picture turned and I don't know how to turn it back on the blog)

Here is McKenzie's recipe!  (Click the picture to see the entire recipe!)

McKenzie's Field Day

Wednesday, was McKenzie's Field Day at her school. The teachers tie-dyed every child a shirt so they could all wear matching outfits for the day. The shirts were awesome! Field Day was very fun! Landon and I joined MG for the day. There were all different stations set up and the class rotated through them. It was a very warm day here on Wednesday so it was great to be outside.

Slide time on the playground

Painting...MG's favorite thing to do!
My sweet girl is growing up!
Landon loved the bubble stage...he loved dumping them out!
More painting...
Pillowcase races
An obsticle course

Here sweet class eating popsicles