Monday, September 29, 2008

On the Move

Hey everyone! I hope this finds everyone doing well. We have had another busy weekend! We spent the weekend with Jason's parents in Young Harris. We had a great time there. Jason carved a pumpkin for McKenzie and then we put her in a pumpkin suit that her Grandma bought her and took lots of pictures. They turned out really cute if I say so myself!

Today McKenzie and I leave for Madison. I am taking her to drop her off because tomorrow Jason and I are flying to Virginia. We will be spending the night there because Jeff's commissioning service for Africa will be on Wednesday. Nana took the day off of work to play with McKenzie! She is so excited! Wednesday night we fly home and I will go to Madison to get McKenzie and Jason will be coming home to pick Baxter up from the kennel. It will be another busy week for us. We hope your week is wonderful and safe!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie

McKenzie has outgrown her little baby tub. She is just way too long for it. However, I am afraid to just put her in the big tub because she can't sit up by herself yet. I have been in search of a seat for the tub. I had one when I was little, it was yellow and had suction cups on the bottom. Do you remember those? Well I have been looking for one and I can't find one anywhere. However, today when I was out shopping I found something way better than a tub seat...I found a rubber ducky!! It is a big rubber ducky tub that you blow up and set it inside the big tub! McKenzie loved it! She kicked her little legs and splashed her little arms! The beak of the duck even quacks! I love it! It is so cute and so much fun!

McKenzie has now tried applesauce. She made the yuckiest face when she first tried it. Her faces just make us laugh so hard! She doesn't like her fruits near as much as she does her vegetables. I would think the opposite because the fruits are so much sweeter. (I try all the baby food with her!) So, green beans are still her very favorite! Another thing that she has learned is when food drops on her highchair tray, she can smear it. What a mess she now makes with her dinner.

McKenzie is also practicing some signs for sign language communication. She laughs and thinks they are all so funny when I show her a sign! Then I make her do the sign. One day she will just sign to me first and I will be so excited and proud!

Yesterday, Jason got off of work early and we took my car to the shop to have the oil changed. While we waited for my car we went and had lunch. During lunch I put McKenzie in the booth next to me to change her diaper. While she was laying there she realized that if she turned her head into the booth it would squish her nose flat. When she first did this, she had a surprised/scared look on her face. As if to say..."My nose just went flat!" So, then it became a game to her. She would turn her head and squish her nose and then turn her head and face the ceiling. Each time she turned her head into the booth she laugh so hard. Well, Jason and I were about to die laughing. We were laughing so hard and so loud, it was out of control! So, McKenzie has now learned that her nose can bend and move!

One more thing that little Miss McKenzie has discovered is that she has a voice! She has started to squeal this high pitched squeal like a little pig. She will squeal and then laugh at herself. When she first did it she was afraid. She had no idea she could make a noise like that. It is amazing how everyday something new happens or she learns that she can do something else.

Have a super night and enjoy the pictures!

What a messy little girl!

McKenzie can smear her food!

The Rubber Ducky Tub

McKenzie loves her new tub!

McKenzie in her Rubber Ducky Tub!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy Weekend

McKenzie loves green beans!

Cereal and Bananas...McKenzie really doesn't like bananas. I thought she would eat them up because they are sweet.

First meal in the highchair from Uncle Jeff!
Last night-9/20/08

Tate and McKenzie hugging! They really just did that! We did not place their arms around each other! Precious!

McKenzie has started to notice her cousin Tate. Sweet Tate resting his hand on Kenzie's leg!

McKenzie and Tate in the car on the way to Nana and Papa T's!

Hey! We hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! We sure did! Friday, McKenzie and I met Auntie Amber and Tate for lunch by Stonecrest Mall. McKenzie and I were on our way to Madison to see Nana and Papa T for the night. We took Tate to Madison with us. Uncle B and Auntie Amber had a retreat to go on with their church. McKenzie and Tate got to go to Nana's school on Friday and visit her! Nana was so excited to see her babies and show them off! By the time we got back to Nana's house it was almost time for dinner and neither Tate nor Kenzie had napped all day. (Since McKenzie has started to nap, she gets very tired when she doesn't have one!) Both babies were in bed by 8:00 on Friday night. McKenzie slept until 7 am the next morning, but Tate woke up a few times! Uncle Steve came by on Friday night to see his niece and nephew. He rocked Tate to sleep and McKenzie just screamed every time she looked at him! It was pretty funny!

Saturday both babies were rested and ready to play. It was the first time that McKenzie really noticed Tate there. Before she just kind of touched him and reached for him. This time she looked and looked at him. She was just studying his face. It was so sweet. Of course, Tate noticed McKenzie a long time ago so he just looked right back at her. They are so cute together.

McKenzie and I left Madison around 2 and drove home. On Saturday night we went to our neighborhood block party. It was lots of fun. It was a cookout with door prizes! We won a Mum! It is sitting on our front step and hopefully we won't kill it!

Today we got up early. Jason had a meeting this morning at church at 8 am. I had a meeting there at 9:15. I met Jason in the parking lot and he helped me get all of our stuff and Kenzie into the church. Jason took McKenzie to life group with him. We still did not want to put her in the nursery today. She is still on her Amoxicillin and I did not want to chance her getting sick again or getting anyone else sick. She is feeling much better though. However, being on this medicine has made her not want to eat. She still drinks all her bottles but she has not wanted her cereal or vegetables all week. I brought McKenzie home after my meeting and Jason went on to work media team for the church service. When he got home I was putting McKenzie down for a nap and he made the nicest lunch for us. He grilled steaks, made baked potatoes, green beans, and even cut up a fresh salad. It was so yummy and sweet! After lunch he insisted that I go and take a nap while McKenzie was napping and he would clean up the kitchen! So, I did!! McKenzie took another great nap today, about 3 1/2 hours! I slept for 2 1/2 hours! It was wonderful! When McKenzie woke up we played and then she did eat her rice cereal tonight. She only ate it after I put some green beans in it. Tonight was the first time trying green beans. She loved them! Kenzie loves the green baby foods: peas and now green beans! It is so funny! After she ate we walked the neighborhood, she got a bath and bottle and went off to bed.

We had a fabulous weekend and we hope that you did too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Rockstar Sleeps

Hey! I just wanted to update everyone on McKenzie. She is feeling much better. The Amoxicillin is working wonders! She is finally able to breathe so she can finally sleep again. Today she took a 4 hour nap. She was so tired her little eyes could barely stay open. I was almost at a loss for what to do for 4 hours! I found plenty of things to keep me busy but going from no naps ever to a 4 hour was a wonderful new thing!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Potatoes and a Sinus Infection

Yesterday little McKenzie tried sweet potatoes. She made a very funny face when she tried them. She ate them but they are definitely not her favorite. She loves her carrots and peas though. So, we will keep trying with the sweet potatoes!

I took McKenzie back to the doctor today because she is still not feeling any better. She has been running a low fever all weekend. It would go anyway with Tylenol but return in a few hours. To make a long story short she has a sinus infection. A sinus infection is no fun with a 5 month old because of course she has no idea how to blow her little nose. She is now on Amoxicillin (which I am allergic to) and hopefully will be feeling much better soon. She has a spend-the-night party to get better for this weekend with cousin Tate!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skype Rocks

We discovered the coolest thing ever today! We learned about and now have a Skype account! If you don't know what Skype is, I didn't either until today. It is a computer program that allows you to see the person you are talking to over the Internet! Jason bought us a new laptop today with a built in web cam. The reason for all of this is because Jason's brother, Jeffrey is doing an amazing thing. He will be leaving for Africa on October 16 to work with youth over there and spread the Word of our amazing God! We are so proud of Jeffrey and know that his 2 years away from us will be a life changing experience for him. However, the not seeing him for 2 years is a bit hard for us to swallow. So, with this fabulous new technology we will be able to see him in Africa and talk to him over the computer any time we want. It is just like talking the phone but you can see the person. It is the coolest thing ever! I am so excited about this program not only so we can see him but so McKenzie can see her wonderful uncle and know him when he returns. It will be so nice to be able to see him over the next 2 years. It has definitely made Jason feel much better. He is very close to Jeffrey but knows what he is doing is part of God's plan for his life. Africa is just a long ways away! Please pray for Jeffrey and our family as he prepares to leave home as he knows it and move to Africa to work for the Journeyman Program. The people of Africa will never be the same after Jeffrey gets a hold of them!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kenzie Likes Carrots

Hey! I just wanted to update everyone that Kenzie has now tried carrots! McKenzie loves her carrots! However, I have realized that carrots stain clothes. So now she eats her carrots in a diaper!

McKenzie is beginning to feel a little better. She woke up this morning congested again but laughs and talks right along. She hates to get her nose suctioned out, which I would too! She has been allowing us to put saline drops up her little nose with not much grief. She has also been taking some Tylenol to help her feel better. Today she took a 2 1/2 hour nap. She felt so much better when she woke up. She has started to take a nap in the late afternoon if I just lay her in her crib. If I try to rock her, she will not go to sleep because she does not want to miss a thing!

We are not up to much this weekend. Granny and Granddaddy left to go home this morning so our house is empty feeling. We enjoyed their stay very much. We hope that all of you have an excellent weekend!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

5 Months Today

Peas...what are peas?

I'm not sure about these peas.

Open wide!
I think I like peas.

I love my peas!

Today Miss McKenzie Grace turned 5 months old. We can't believe it! However, we had a rough night last night. McKenzie was up several times in the night and each time she was a little more congested. When she woke up this morning it was clear she did not feel well. We got her into the doctor this morning and found out she has her first cold. (We also found out that she now weighs an even 16 pounds!!) She is so pitiful. Her little eyes are all red and swollen and she has a runny nose and lots of congestion. She did not nap well today because she is just not feeling well and cannot get comfortable. She does not have a fever, so that is good. We are hoping it will pass quickly!
On a happy note...McKenzie did try some baby food today! She experienced peas for the first time and she liked them very much. I think she was glad to have a different flavor. She ate them right up! I was so proud of her!
Tonight when we returned from our walk I was holding her in my arms and drinking a glass of water. She pulled the glass to her mouth and I tipped it up a little and she drank a sip of water. It was so funny!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yellow Daisy Festival

We decided Friday morning that we would have a family outing to Stone Mountain Park for the Yellow Daisy Festival. I have never in my life seen such a craft show. We got there at 3 not realizing that it closed at 6. So we had 3 hours and we did not even get through half of it. It is just tent after tent after tent of people and their merchandise. It is set up under all of these trees and you just follow a path through. It was nice because it was in the shade and not so hot. Three hours was enough time for McKenzie though. She did really good and loved riding in the stroller or in her Daddy's arms. We had an excellent family outing! If you get a chance in the future to go, go! (Sorry the pictures begin at the bottom!)
Stone Mountain up close

Stone Mountain

The festival was closing so we had to leave. McKenzie was so tired...she had had enough for one day!

We can across a booth that sold hot chocolate and this was the sign that was posted there! We bought some pumpkin spice is so good!

There were so many different tents. We were there for 3 hours and did not even see half of it. It was an amazing craft show!

"Tuckered Out" as Papa T would say!

Chewing on Daddy's thumb!

Chewing away in the stroller

Buying a Christmas ornament with all 3 of our names on it!

We made it!

Walking to the festival!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Olan Mills at Home

Amber and I had this great idea that we would dress Tate and McKenzie alike and take their picture for my parents for Grandparents Day. If you look closely you will see that their outfits have a lamb on them and say "I love ewe!" Well, we waited until late in the day to try this. Both babies were tired and not wanting to cooperate. I was taking the pictures and Amber was shaking anything that she could find that made noise. It was pretty funny! I think from now on though we will try Olan Mills!

Take 1- They both needed to chew on something!

Take 2- Both were looking at the camera which was a plus but... neither one was smiling!

Take 3-McKenzie is leaning on Tate and in another second she had her foot in her mouth!

Take 4- McKenzie Grace and Tate McGowan holding hands! They always reach for each other's hand! McKenzie is smiling but Tate looks scared!

McKenzie's Dedication

We have had another busy weekend! Grandma and Papa Norton came and spent the night with us on Saturday night. Then on Sunday morning Great Granny, Great Granddaddy, Nana, Papa T, Uncle B, Auntie Amber and Cousin Tate all came to our house. The big occasion...McKenzie got dedicated at church yesterday! She did such a great job on the stage. She did not make a peep. Pastor Todd gave her a little Bible with a lamb on it and a certificate! It is so cute! After the dedication McKenzie went to the Ladybug Room to play where Cousin Tate was waiting to give her a high five on a job well done! After church we had a cookout at our house to celebrate McKenzie's big day! We even had a cake for her, even though she could not have any. We took lots of pictures to show her when she gets older! We hope all of you had an excellent weekend as well!

Just after the Dedication!

Laughing after my big day!

We love our sweet Tater!

Cousin Tate loves to touch my head!

Uncle B and Auntie Amber at the Dedication

Papa T helping McKenzie open her presents!

Great Granny and Great Granddaddy, Grandma and Papa

McKenzie's very first cake...and she couldn't even eat it!!

Cousin Tate came to my Dedication and we played in the Ladybug room together!

Family photo after McKenzie's Dedication