Tuesday, April 24, 2012

McKenzie's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday, we had McKenzie's 4th birthday party...Minnie Mouse style!  It was really fun!  We had pizza for lunch.  Two clowns showed up and did face painting with all the kids and then much to our surprise, Mickey and Minnie Mouse showed up!  The kids went crazy!  Mickey and Minnie danced with them and then smiled for tons of pictures.  We also had a bouncy slide that was a hit with not only the little kids but the big kids as well!  It was a very fun day! 

Here come the clowns!
All the kids were so excited!
Braden and his cotton candy!
Face painting!

Tiger Tate

Butterfly McKenzie
The Slide!

Love that Tiger!
Oh My Gosh...Here they come!!!

MG just spotted them!


All the kids!

Dancing with Minnie!
Tucker is dancing too!
Steve and Maggie

Big Tuck walking!
Dance!  Dance!

Cake Time

Tucker's first Cotton Candy!

Landon's first Cotton Candy...
More please!

Brock and McKenzie
Brock and Braden

More fun on the slide!

Washers for the big kids!

Sweet cousins!
Brittany and MG
Granny feeding Landon

Playground Time

Tucker too!  Weeeee!

The Norton Brothers taking their turns!