Sunday, August 30, 2009

McKenzie's Scrapbook

Well this has been a long time coming! I have finally finished McKenzie's first year scrapbook! I just ordered it tonight and I am so excited about it. You know me, last minute Megan, my time with the program expires tomorrow! However, I got to use this really awesome program online called Heritage Makers. I would never have known about this but you know my sister in law, Amber. She knows about everything! We shared an account to created scrapbooks for McKenzie and Tate and their first year of life! It was so fun to watch McKenzie grow up as I created the pages of her book. It took hours upon hours to create but McKenzie can have this book forever! Amber not only knows about everything, she knows how to do everything!! I was just talking to her on the phone and she was telling me that after I publish something on this website I can share the link so that everyone can view McKenzie's book. So, here is the link!


I hope you enjoy it! Thanks Amber for being the best sister I have ever had and for sharing all that you know with me! Much love!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Uncle Jeffrey

McKenzie has started this thing where she goes all over the house and looks at our pictures that she can reach. She takes the picture off the table or where ever it is and holds it in her little hands and looks at it. After she looks at it a second she hugs it and then kisses the glass on the faces of the people in the picture and then puts it back where it goes. It is so cute! Well, the other day she was in her playroom and kept pointing to her top shelf. I turned on her CD player thinking that was what she wanted. She immediately shock her little head NO. Her curls were just a bouncing! So then I picked her up not knowing what she wanted and she reached for Uncle Jeffrey's picture that sits next to her CD player. She looked at it, hugged him, and kissed him then gave the picture back to me to put back. It was so cute, I almost cried! We talk about Jeffrey all the time with McKenzie and explain that he is gone for a while. We show her his picture often and now she hugs and kisses him! So sweet! We miss you Jeff and love you very much!

Jason is getting ready to leave for Africa on Tuesday. He is so excited! He will be gone for 10 days. McKenzie and I are going to have some major girl time! Cookie is coming to visit while Jason is gone! We are going to have a blast but miss Daddy very much!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Preschool Orientation

Tonight, Jason and I went to McKenzie's preschool orientation! She is one of four kids in her classroom with a teacher and a teacher's aid! They should have things under control! She will be a Frolicking Flamingo! Her classroom is set up so cute with a beach theme and flamingos every where. Jason and I will take her on Tuesday to meet her teachers and see her classroom. She already has a fund raiser to do! Sally Foster wrapping paper if anyone wants to buy some!! She is going to have a great time and learn so much. The playtime with other children will be so good for her. I'll keep you posted on how it all goes!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New York

What a week! This past week went by so quickly for us. My little brother, Steve and I flew with McKenzie to New York to see our grandparents. It is very fun to go back "home" for us because we really do go "home." Our grandparents moved into the house that we grew up in after we moved to GA. Steve slept in his old room and McKenzie and I slept in mine! Very fun! It was a whirlwind of a trip and before we knew it we were back home this afternoon. We landed on Wed. the 19th and went to our favorite restaurant for lunch followed by ice cream at Dairy Queen! Thursday we hung out at the house. Bom and Boppa (our grandparents!) live next door to a farm. They have all kinds of animals so McKenzie and I went to see them. There was this little black kitten that followed us back home and stayed all day around the house waiting for McKenzie to come and play with it. That night we had to walk it back up the barn with the other kittens. McKenzie loved this little kitten! No, we are not getting one!! Friday Steve and I took McKenzie to the Erie County Fair! You need to google that. It is in Hamburg, NY. Very awesome. We went every year as kids and I really wanted McKenzie to see it. She was too little for the rides but there was plenty there for her to do. We went all through the cattle barns, sheep barns, goat barns, and even watched a pig judging. There was also pig races that we saw and a seal water show. This year the fair even had live tigers and a petting zoo. She loved it all and especially the fair food! McKenzie could not figure out why she did not have to chew her cotton candy. It was everywhere on her, even on her bare feet. Yes, she took her shoes off in the stroller and rode all over the fair barefoot! After lunch we left the fair and headed to W. D. Henry farms. We got to see some old friends there and at the time we were there they were packaging green peppers. McKenzie loved to watch the line pack the boxes. It was very amazing how fast they could work. Of course, if you are from the north you know about a Friday night fish fry. I don't like fish but everyone else in the family does so off we went for the fish fry. Saturday we hung out at the house in the morning and after McKenzie's nap we went to see the Amish. We saw were they live, work, go to school, and we even got to stop at a stand and by bread and cinnamon rolls. Amish bake the very best! However, Amish do not like to have their pictures taken so I did not take any of them. It was a very fun day! Saturday night we had Buffalo famous pizza and wings for dinner. That is a real treat for Steve and I because we grew up on that and it is just simply the best! Sunday was visit day. I got to take McKenzie by to see my best friend Cookie's parents and her sister. McKenzie loved being entertained by Cookie's dad! Then it was off to the Nellis house! A family friend who I grew up with. It is very fun to see people that you grew up with. For lunch on Sunday we had another special treat. We had B-B-Q Chicken halves. That is chicken cooked over a charcoal fire and basted in an oil and vinegar sauce. No red sauce! Sunday night Steve and I took McKenzie to the Howels' house. They are also a family friend. It was so fun to take McKenzie to all these different places because they have never met her. Monday McKenzie and I went to Rochester to visit our cousins! (We left Steve at the house painting the trim work!) It was so amazing. We were there only a short time but we got to see all the girls and their houses. We got to play the longest at Laura's house with her two little ones, Rudy and Hanna. McKenzie was so excited to play with toys and kids, I think that she could have stayed there for days. Aunt Diane was so nice to take us all the way there and big us all the way back late Monday night. Tuesday we got up and flew home! Flying with a 16 month old was an experience. McKenzie is a very busy girl and she had a very hard time sitting for an hour and a half flight. Even though it was a very short flight it felt like it was much longer. She had a few good cries and screams. But, all in all she did really well. I could not have done it without Steve though. He carried McKenzie's car seat all through the airport. (It has to be checked at the gate!) He helped to entertain her on the plane and was someone else to hold her when I could not any longer. It was also really fun to hang out with Steve for a week. I really miss him and we had a great time just hanging around together. We never really get time to just hang out anymore. It was a wonderful trip and I am so grateful I had the chance to do it.

When we got to baggage claim today Jason was waiting for us. He was so excited to see us and we were so excited to see him! I am so thankful that most of the time there are two of us to take care of McKenzie. It is exhausting being a single parent! When we got home the house was clean, the grocery shopping was done,there were flowers on the table, and he made us chicken parm for dinner. It was so sweet! I was so excited! I really appreciated coming home to that. It was such a nice surprise. Thanks honey, great job!

Boppa, Bom, McKenzie, and Megan
Steve, Boppa, and Bom

Bom and McKenzie...she wanted down!

The cousins! Cody, Rudy, Alison, Laura, Megan,
McKenzie, and Hanna

The cousins and Aunt Diane

Hanna and McKenzie-sweet girls!

Rudy, Hanna, and McKenzie

Playtime...with toys!

Dairy Queen anyone? McKenzie loves it! She
knows just how to eat her cone!

McKenzie loves cookies! Steve was slipping her cookies the
entire trip. If you look carefully, Steve has a pile of
cookies on the side of the lamp. He has just told McKenzie she
can't have a cookie!!! Look at him you think she go one?
Of course she did!
A cookie, is how Boppa got McKenzie to sit in his lap!

Sweet Boppa and McKenzie

On the way to see the Amish we went by the house that
Bom grew up in. Someone has just bought it and is
fixing it up to make it look like it did back then. Very cool!

The front

This house was my Nana's house. This is where I
spent lots of summers after I moved to GA.
However, it is very sad looking now, the people who
own it do not keep it up.
McKenzie eating cotton candy!

The pig races! They race for an Oreo cookie!

McKenzie loves corn on the cob!

McKenzie's first corn on the cob!

Oh yes, dirt in NY is black. No red clay there...
McKenzie needed to try some!

Oh yummy dirt!

Sweet! Sweet! McKenzie and her little kitten!


Another trip to the Dairy Queen!

She loves ice cream!

McKenzie with her ice cream face...
She loves Bom's lamb planter.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hattie's Birthday Party

This morning McKenzie and went to her friend Hattie's 3rd birthday party! It was at a gym near where we live. It was a Cinderella party! Very fun! However, this gym was like nothing I had ever been to before. It was a real gymnastics gym! It had balance beams, high bars, trampolines, a parachute, and even a foam pit with a trampoline under it. I know that is kind of hard to picture but it was like a pit. The pit was filled with blue foam squares and the bottom of the pit was a trampoline. You could jump off of high beams and spring boards into the foam pit! The older kids were having a blast with that. McKenzie just wanted me to put her in and lift her back out. Although one time when I put in her the pit she was after this pink ball. She got in the middle of the pit and could not move anymore. It is kind of hard to walk though a foam pit. So, I had to jump in to dig her out! It was so much fun! After playing for an hour the kids had chocolate cupcakes and Hattie opened her presents. McKenzie loved her cupcake! Little McKenzie played so hard that she was asleep soon after leaving the parking lot. It was a super, fun birthday party! Great job Ellen and TJ!

Hattie's Cinderella Cake!
McKenzie did not know what to think of the parachute!

She loved the breeze it created!

She was trying to hold on but could not keep a grip!

She loved the trampolines!

Here is McKenzie in the middle of the foam pit, just
before I had to jump in after her!

Hattie and McKenzie and the pink ball!

McKenzie and the ball!

More foam pit

Lawn Mower Lady

McKenzie has really taken to mowing the lawn lately. Except, she does not mow the lawn she mows the sidewalk! It is much easier to push her lawn mower on the sidewalk! She loves it! It is a bubble mower but we are currently out of bubbles. She has just recently gotten to where she can push her mower fast enough to make bubbles! McKenzie has also insisted on wearing her Atlanta Braves hat from Uncle Jared lately. She always wants it on! It is so funny, she will find it and try to put it on herself and then bring it to us and say please! So cute!

Look at all her curls hanging out of her hat!

Yeah for mowing!

McKenzie is so tall!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Grandpa's 75th Birthday Party

This past weekend we were in the mountains at Jason's parents house. Friday night we celebrated Grandpa's 75th Birthday. The Perez family came up from Florida for the party. They stayed at our house Tuesday night and then continued on to the mountains Wednesday. We had a great visit with them. We always do and laugh until our stomachs hurt! It is great! The morning of the party Jason and his Dad went hiking. Grandma and I took McKenzie to a park. It was lots of fun and she loved it! Below are the pictures of our weekend!

Michael and McKenzie

Jason's grandma (Kathy's mom)

Megan with Cousin Michelle

Uncle Jared

Uncle mustache or glasses!

Cousin Michael

Tanta Nana (Kathy's sister)

Happy 75th Grandpa! (Jason's Grandpa-Kathy's Dad)

The whole crew...minus Jeffrey...and yes
this view is off of Jason's grandparents back deck!

Uncle Jared

McKenzie loved the deer!

Just a little more water, that should be good!

"Don't pick Grandpa's flowers!"

More flowers to water!

McKenzie loves to slide!