Thursday, June 25, 2009

Twice the Fun

Handsome Tate!

This week we have had the pleasure of having Tate visiting with us! Jason and I have had a ball with two kiddos so close in age. They are precious together. They play well with each other and keep eachother very entertained! When one walks out of the room the other one goes looking. They just chatter back and forth to each other as if they know exactly what the other one is saying. It is just precious! Jason and I took them both to the pool yesterday. They had a blast! Jason had to work today so we did not go to the pool. Instead we went on two wagon long wagon rides around the neighborhood. We took one this morning and one this evening. It was too hot here to play outside in the middle of the day. Bath time is so fun with two! McKenzie likes to dump water on Tate and Tate likes to splash McKenzie! So funny! It is so fun also to see their little personalities. They are so different. McKenzie is wide open, very loud (I don't know where she gets that!), and full of drama! Tate on the other hand is very relaxed, go with the flow, and much quieter! Tate is the hair puller and McKenzie is the biter. They are both good eaters now which makes life very easy at meal time. They eat just about anything! It has truly been a blessing to have Tate with us this week. It is going to be sad tomorrow when he leaves. However, I know that his mommy and daddy really miss him! It will be so much fun in the future for Tate and McKenzie to spend time together because they are so close in age. They are perfectly and wonderfully made. Thank you God for our sweet blessings that you have given us.

Yum! Yum!

Sweet Smiles!

Playing together when Amber dropped him off!

Wagon Rides! Yippee!

Playing with the ball popper.

McKenzie took the balls!

Jason with the kiddos!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Daddy! Today at church McKenzie made Jason a Footprints picture. It is so sweet. The poem that goes with it is precious.
"Walk a little slower daddy," said a child so
small. "I'm following in your footsteps and
I don't want to fall.
Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they're hard to see;
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For you are leading me.
Someday when I'm all grown up,
You're what I want to be;
Then I will have a little child
Who'll want to follow me.
And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true;
So, walk a little slower, Daddy,
For I must follow you."
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy 27th Birthday Daddy! Happy 41st Birthday Karen!
Daddy and McKenzie on his birthday!

Take 2! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Jeffrey!!

Happy Birthday to Uncle Jeffrey! Today is Jeffrey's birthday! He is celebrating his very first birthday in Africa! Jason was able to talk with him this morning but I have not been able to reach him yet today.

It is a beautiful day here today and very hot! McKenzie played in her pool on teh back deck for about 2 hours after lunch. We have a big umbrella that shades her pool so it makes it very nice for her to play in. She loves it! Enjoy the pictures!

I hate this hat!

McKenzie loves the water!

I got my ball!

McKenzie after a chocolate chip cookie! She loves them!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goodbye for Now

Hey everyone! I guess I need to catch you up on the happens of life for us lately. We returned from our cruise safely very late Thursday night. It was so good to see McKenzie. She looked so big to us.

Saturday morning we got an early phone call from Jason's cousin Karen, she informed us that her sister Kathy "Sidda" Ewing had died. She just never woke up Saturday morning. It has been a whirlwind since the phone call. Kathy and Karen both live in Heflin, AL about an hour from us. We immediately got ready and went on Saturday to be with Brent, Kathy's husband. They have one son, Connor, who is 11. He was on a deep sea fishing trip in Gulf Shores until Sunday night. When he returned Brent told him the news. He has been such a trooper through all of this. Last night was the visitation and over 400 people signed the book. There was an amazing amount of people there to support Brent and Connor and Karen and her son, John Russell. The funeral was today and then of course the graveside service. It was a beautiful day here today.

Of all the people who were close to Kathy, Jeffrey, Jason's middle brother was the closest cousin. As you all know Jeffrey is serving the Lord in Africa until 2010. He was debating coming home for this but Brent told him to stay in Africa. However, we know Jeffrey, he was not going to do nothing in Africa so he wrote Kathy's entire eulogy. Jason's youngest brother Jared read it. Jeffrey wrote the most beautiful message and Jared had the most beautiful delivery. They both did such an awesome job. I am so proud of them!

Please keep Brent, Connor, Karen, John Russell, Grandmother, and Bonnie in your prayers. Kathy was only 35 years old. It is so hard not to question why. The coming days will not be easy and I just ask you to please lift these people up in your prayers.

Kathy with McKenzie the day after we brought her home.