Sunday, January 5, 2014

Matthew's 4 Month Check Up

I can't believe our little caboose is already 4 month old.  He had his 4 month check up on Dec. 30th.  He had to have 3 shots.  Poor baby!  He did great though.  His chunky little legs made it easier for him.  He is happy and healthy!  He was sleeping so great all night long and now he is back up to eat again in the middle of the night.  He is just growing, growing and gets hungry.  He started on cereal.  I bought the oatmeal kind first but it seems to really bother his stomach.  I'm going to switch him to rice and see how he does with that.  He is teething and drooling like crazy!  I'm sure a little bottom tooth is in his near future.  Here are the 4 month stats from all 3 kids.  Matthew is for sure the biggest!

Weight:    14 lbs 12.8 oz  (75%)                
Height:      26 1/2 inches (95%)
Head:         43 cm (98%)

Weight:     16 lbs  12.8 oz (78%)
Height:      27 1/2 inches  (98%)
Head:         41 1/2 cm  (25%)

Weight:     18 lbs (92%)
Height:      26 1/2 inches (91%)
Head:         43 1/2 cm (78%)

First Cereal

First time in Jumper

Sophia the giraffe!

6 Christmases

Yes, you read that right...6 Christmases! See if you can stay with me as I try to explain how our Christmas Break went this year. It was a whirlwind, that's for sure! It was great to see everyone but by the time we had our last Christmas celebration we were all so exhausted we couldn't see straight.

Our 1st Christmas Celebration was with Supper Club on December 15th!
Lobello, I'm not sure how you were not in a single picture but we know you were here!


Our 2nd Christmas Celebration...Young Harris...December 20-22, 2013

 Grandma bought these adorable matching outfits!
 Aunt Linsey made these chalk board shirts.  They are so cool!

 Uncle Jeffrey and Marielle came home from Norway!  Always such a blessing to see these two!
 Candy cane face!

 Grandpa and Great Grandma


Our 3rd Christmas Celebration was in Fort Mill, South Carolina!
This time we traded in Jason for Aunt Amber, Tate, and Tucker.  We took a road trip to South Carolina to surprise my cousins on Monday night when they all arrived there for Christmas!  The seating arrangements didn't work out like we thought they would and Amber and I ended up both driving to SC with the 5 kids.  It was a blast!  Everyone got to meet Matthew!  December 23-24, 2013

 Brittany and Matthew
 Landon and Tucker playing with the new train
 Tate, McKenzie, Tucker, Landon, and Matthew
 Amanda and Matthew
 The whole O'Shea gang!

Our 4th Christmas Celebration was OURS!!!  At our house!  December 24-25, 2013 
We arrived home late afternoon on Christmas Eve day.  We were all tired but so excited that it was Christmas Eve!  McKenzie was so excited about Santa and Landon didn't want Santa to come.  He was a afraid.  It was quite funny! 

 Setting out Milk and Cookies for Santa and fighting over the chair!
 McKenzie left Santa a note!
 Christmas Morning

 Matthew loved the wrapping paper!
 McKenzie got a new work table for her art center...she loves it!

 And...her real life dream did come true...a real life microphone!
Our 5th Christmas Celebration...Madison...December 25-27, 2013

 Uncle Steve likes to play Santa and pass out the presents

 Let the opening begin!

 Tate and Tucker got a puppy for Christmas...a sweet baby they named Murray!
 Papa T in his Glory!

 UB always makes goofy faces and this time I'm posting it!

 Landon was the worst this year to sleep away from home.  That is why he is the only child in these pics.  We adults always do our presents after the kids go to bed.
 Landon was so sweet with Murray even though we had to keep telling him not to hold him by the neck!

 Kenzie and Papa T

Look at that sweet smile!  Even Landon wanted to see it!
Our 6th and final Christmas Celebration was Granny and Granddaddy's House on December 27th!

 Matthew, Marielle, Jeffrey, Granny, and Grandaddy
 Olivia, Thomas, and Catherine
 Keith and Kevin

 Elisabeth and Matthew

 Lego fun!

 All the Nortons
 Keith Norton Family
 Kevin Norton Family