Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today we drove home Jason's parents house. It is a long drive and for McKenzie I know it must feel like forever. Three hours in the car is a long time. She did sleep a little but the rest of time was filled with baby and snacks! McKenzie was asking for her baby that she had thrown on the floor earlier. I gave her her baby and she asked for the baa baa to feed the baby. I looked all over the back seat and found it between her seat and the door. I then explained to her that I could not reach it right now, but when we stopped I would get it for her. So, her little wheels began to turn and I looked in the back seat to see why she had gotten so quiet and this is what I saw...

McKenzie was feeding her baby with he big toe! (Of course she was barefoot...her shoes and socks are off before we are out of the driveway!) Jason and I almost lost it! We were laughing to so hard! I guess she was going to feed her baby no matter what! Too cute!

Yummy big toe!

Then when we got home we were unloading the car and I came into the house with a load of stuff and could not find MG anywhere. Here is where I found her...

in Baxter's Crate!

She was not happy at all when I made her get out of Baxter's house!

This evening we were walking Baxter and poor McKenzie fell face first on the sidewalk. She only cried for a second. It was amazing. Her head is bright red but not too swollen. It is scrapped from the sidewalk though. I hope it is gone by next Sunday, we have Santa pictures!

Poor Baby...

Another Goose Egg

So, what a day it was!

Thanksgiving Week

The holidays are of course the best times of the year. However, the holidays for us also mean travel...lots of time in the car! This year it was The Lamb's for Thanksgiving. So we left home on Wed. morning and went to Madison. Brain, Amber, and Tate joined us Wed. night. Tate and McKenzie are so cute together these days. They know that the other one is there and they play so nice together. However, Tate is still definitely the good sleeper and McKenzie is the one that takes all Tate's pushes! It was great to be home with all the family. Steve came over and spent lots of time with us, which was really great! We also tried to take a family picture for Mom's Christmas card while we were all together! You can imagine how that worked with two little ones! Thanksgiving at home was great as always. Tons of yummy food and laughter! Friday morning, Amber, Mom, and I went to Wal-Mart for the sales! We got everything that we were going for and were all back home by 5:45! It was amazing! We had a blast! We left Madison Friday morning and headed to Young Harris for Jason's family Thanksgiving Friday night and his Mom's 50th Birthday on Saturday! Saturday MG woke up and like Friday morning when she woke up her eyes were covered and matted shut with puss. I thought she had pink eye so off we go to the Urgent Care. (We are always out of town when this poor baby gets sick. It always is on a holiday or a Saturday too!) Come to find out, she has a double ear infection and her congestion was draining through her eyes along with her nose. I had no idea something like that could happen. It was so gross...poor baby! However, after 4 different antibiotics she is feeling much better today! I am not sure what it is with her and holidays but she seems to be sick on every major one. We are praying for health for this Christmas!

Tate in his shark towel from Aunt Amy!
(It says TATE on the back above the fin!!)

McKenzie in her flower towel from Amy!


Playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie with Nana!

Riding on the Zebra!

Family photo # who even can count that high!!
Just kidding! It was not so bad!

Us...MG wanted to go and play

McKenzie climbing the stairs to Uncle 'Teve's
peddle tractors!

Sweet Cousins

Our precious blessing that we are so thankful for...
Tate and McKenzie

McKenzie Grace all ready for Christmas!
(She loves this dress Katie!)

Young Harris

Kathy turned 50 Nov. 28th!

McKenzie would not nap so we got her up for cake!

About to blow out the candles!

The pretty flowers that Diane sent to Kathy!

MG and Uncle Jared


McKenzie fell into her toy box at Grandma's!

In the toy shoe MIA...Always!

Undecorating Grandma's tree...

Christmas Card Picture for Grandma and Papa Norton...
Grandma always buys MG her Christmas dress for her Christmas card

All ready to go and eat for Grandma's birthday dinner

Going to eat...


50th Birthday pic!

MG at the restaurant...Thank God for straws to entertain her!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ba Ba gets a Call

It just amazes me at how little minds work. McKenzie has listen to us enough answer the phone that she now says hello when it rings. It is just incredible to me how much she learns just by watching. Her latest thing is that she can reach the phone in the office if she stands on her tip toes. She has figured how to make it ring also, even though no one is calling. So, she makes it ring and then says hello, like she is talking on the phone. Well tonight she got the phone down and I heard it ring, then I heard her say hello and by the time she said that she had walked into the living room where Baxter was. (McKenzie calls Baxter-Ba Ba.) As soon as she said hello she looked at Baxter and said, "Ba Ba" and held the phone up to his ear! It was hysterical! I guess she though he was just going to start to talk and play pretend with her! I lost it! I was laughing so hard. Jason was at church so he missed all of this but I just laughed and laughed! McKenzie keeps me laughing all the time. She is absolutely hilarious! So, tonight Baxter got his very first phone call!

Preschool Feast

Today, McKenzie had her Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool! It was so cute! They had chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, green beans, and cookies! All toddlers favorite foods! McKenzie was the last one to finish eating. She kept asking for more mac and cheese! Too funny! She loves her school still and gets so excited when I wake her up and tell her it is time to go! Here are some pictures from the feast! McKenzie still eating!

3 of her four classmates eating at the feast! So sweet!

McKenzie is using her spoon so well these days!

Big girl, eating her mac and cheese!

Going back for a little more!

The Feast

McKenzie playing before the feast...
she now says cheese before you take her picture!!
It is so darn cute!

Supper Club Thanksgiving

Last night we had a Supper Club Thanksgiving! It was so much fun! I made the turkey and everyone else brought the rest! We had a delicious meal. While we were eating we went around the table saying what we were thankful for using the alphabet. It was a great night had by all...even little McKenzie who was hungry when she woke up with her splint on her arm. She wanted it off, so I took it off and she said boo boo all gone. That was it. She never talked about it again. She played fine last night and did not even remember that she had a boo boo. Her little wrist is all better!

Megan and Tiffany

Lobello and Heider

The Thanksgiving Table

McKenzie, hungry, waiting for her food to cool!
(No splint!)
Katie did not want her picture taken last night but she
was here! Jason was taking all the pictures!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Urgent Care

What a day! There is never a dull moment around here! Today MG and I were in Rite Aid walking through the store and I was holding her hand. She went to sit down quick in the middle of the floor and I since I had no idea she was about to sit down, I did not let go of her hand. As she was sitting down her little wrist popped. She screamed and she cried for almost an hour. I called Jason and work and we decided that I needed to call her pediatrician just see what to do next. Of course, closed for lunch! They finally called me back and told me to go to the Urgent Care. We had to wait a long time, over an hour and poor baby is just holding her hand and not moving her wrist the entire time. She is just crying her little eyes out. I felt so bad for the all sick people in there! Anyways, we had to go have X-Rays, 3 of them on her little wrist and turns out not broken, just a sprain. So now she has this tiny little splint to wear until tomorrow and hopefully it will feel better then. If not we have to go to see a Children's Orthopedic. So, hopefully everything will be better in the morning. After X-Rays, which scared her to death, she feel sound asleep and slept through the entire doctor examination. She is in bed now, just sound asleep. Poor little girl, such an eventful day for a 19 month old. Look at her little splint below...

Look how tiny this splint is....

Poor little baby...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Aunt Martha (Amber) is the deal! Aunt Martha (Amber) strikes again! Look at what she has created now! She has made Mc G. (Yes, we sometimes call her this, thanks to Katie!!) some hair bows! Look at these! She made this big white bow, all of her own creativity. (I told her to patent it!) The white bow has an extra loop in the middle that the turkey bow clips into. So, you can rotate out your middle bow for whatever holiday or occasion you are wearing your bow for! Can you believe this? MG wore her turkey bow clipped to her white bow to school today and I called Amber when I got back to my car and told her to quit teaching and start bow making full time! Everyone LOVED it! Who wouldn't? So adorable! McKenzie is so lucky to have such a crafty, creative Aunt! We just love her! Not really sure when she has time to make bows during teaching full time, being a mommy full time, and working with youth leaders at her church! Aunt Amber is truly AMAZING and we are so lucky that she is now a Lamb!

White bow and Turkey bow...they can also be worn separate!

Together! Amber has also made a Christmas Tree to clip where
the Turkey is clipped right now! I can't wait to show that one off!

4 Hands

Today on the way home from Preschool McKenzie wanted her pacifier out of the seat pocket in front of her. She is so smart! She took off her shoes, which she does all the time in the car and reached her pacifiers with her feet. She manages to dig them out of the pocket and hold two pacifiers between her two feet at one time. She brought her legs up to her body and grabbed them with her hands and put them in her mouth! Yes, she put them both in her mouth at once! She was so excited she could do it, they both needed to go into her mouth. I was totally amazed that she figured all of that out in her head and then really went through with her plan. (On second thought, I guess that is pretty gross but, I was totally impressed!) Every day she does something else to amaze us! She is just so much fun!

Supper Club

Here is a little bit of our life! Every Tuesday night Jason, McKenzie, and I all have dinner with our nearest and dearest friends from YHC...Katie, Eric, Elizabeth, and Tiffany! So here is what has been going on. Eric announces at Supper Club (SC) that he is getting a new job. The downfall of this new job is that it is in South Dakota. Eric was a banker in town. He did hate his job! However, come to find out Eric was getting a new job but her wanted to see how many of us believed her was really moving to SD. So he eventually told all of us but Katie that he was not moving, only switching banks in town. Katie found out the truth and was still going to play along until Eric confessed it to her also! Katie randomly started getting all these cards in the mail. Each card had a picture of something in SD on it and one big word. Katie had to wait until she got all the cards before she could put it all together. So, at Eric's "final" Supper Club, Katie brought the cards and this cake below! "The New Mt. Rushmore" It was so funny! Oh, we do have a great time with each other on Tuesday nights! It is so hard to imagine that we have been friends since 2000! YHC really does create friendships for a lifetime! We love you guys!

Katie's random pieces of mail! Eric even
signed his name in him monogram because
Katie monogram's everything!!! Very creative Eric!

Here is the cake Katie brought! Publix, vanilla with
butter cream frosting! The very best!!! :)