Friday, February 27, 2009

A Quick CatchUp

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. We have been staying busy but nothing really exciting to report. Last week all three of us had the stomach virus at the same time. Talk about fun! As you can imagine those days are a blur. Thursday of last week we went to Young Harris to visit with Grandma and Papa. We had a great time there and came home on Saturday.

This week we had a play date with Brock and Braylen on Tuesday. They both ended up kissing McKenzie before they left! It was priceless! Good thing her Daddy was not home! It is so great to have play dates with other little kiddos. McKenzie loves to have people over and play with others besides just me.

Tuesday night we had super club and Eric and Katie came. It was a blast! Eric brought McKenzie two books. She loves them and looks at them all the time. So sweet he is!

Today, Friday we were supposed to meet up with Cousin Tate and Auntie Amber but the weather was so nasty we cancelled it. We had awful rain her today most of the day with loud thunder and lightning. We did not want to get the little ones out in such so we stayed home. We are looking very forward to next Saturday though, Tate will be one! We have his first birthday party to go to! We can't even believe how fast these babies are growing!

Tomorrow we are headed to Heflin, AL to visit with Jason's great-grandmother. We are hoping to visit the cousins also. It will be a fun trip!

McKenzie continues to grow! Her favorite thing to do these days is climb the stairs and look over the catwalk into the living room. She could do it by the hour! She really gets excited when someone is down there waving at her or she spots Baxter on the couch! She laughs out loud and then of course squeals also! She now has 7 teeth, 3 on top and 4 on the bottom. Her 4th top one is cutting in now, soon she will have 8! She has really started to learn what they are used for also. She has already started biting. I am not sure how biting just happens but I guess it is just instinct. I think that she is just trying to figure out what her teeth are for. She bites her spoons now too. Hopefully this shall pass soon. She gets told NO every time! However, she loves to have her teeth brushed and that now is part of our bedtime routine! She has also started to get up twice in the night again. I am not excited about this at all. She drinks a full bottle each time. She eats a good dinner but I guess she is just growing. She does not go back to sleep until her bottle is gone. I have tried to let her cry but she just cries and cries until she eats, so I guess right now she must be growing. I hope that is the case and that this too shall pass quickly! McKenzie has really begun to chatter. She says MaMa all the time and has started to look at me when she says it. So I am guessing that she is making the association now. She also says BaBa for her bottle. We are working very hard on DaDa! Jason fells bad she does not call him yet. That is about all that is new with our little Kenzie Grace.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Tooth Fairy and The Farm

Hey everyone! We hope that you all have a great week and weekend. We have! Our weekend was low key and lots of fun! McKenzie is getting teeth...lots of teeth at one time. Monday night she went to bed with 3 teeth. She woke up twice in the night crying so I gave her a bottle both times. She did not drink much either time and went back to sleep. Tuesday McKenzie and I ran to the mall to do some shopping and we were eating lunch at the food court. I left her in her stroller while I fed her her lunch. As I was looking into her mouth she had 2 more bottom teeth and one more top tooth. She now has 6. So Monday night I put her to bed with 3 teeth and she woke up with 6! I guess it was the tooth fairy that kept waking our precious angel up! Now she is cutting number 7, the third one on top! So she is about to go from having two bottom teeth to having a mouth full! She continues to squeal and be full of life despite all the pain that must be in her mouth.
Last weekend when I was in Madison McKenzie and I visited Uncle Steve's house. Uncle Steve has lots of animals at his house, a mini farm if you will. McKenzie has not seen many animals. So, Uncle Steve's house was so much fun for her. She got to pet horses and a rooster. She got to see chickens and a kitten as well. She was so excited. She loves animals! She is not afraid of them at all. She squealed and laughed at the horses and thought they were just great. McKenzie even sat down in a dirt pile and played for a while in the grass around her. These were all firsts for her. She had never seen such big animals or sat in the dirt and played. It was a very exciting time for her and I think Uncle Steve loved showing her all the animals just as must as she loved seeing them! Here are some of the pictures from Uncle Steve's house!

McKenzie and Uncle Steve looking a the horses

I love this picture! Just looking out in the pasture!

Playing in the grass for the first time!

Steve and the Rooster Jupiter

McKenzie was so mad we put her in the wheelbarrow

Monday, February 9, 2009

10 Months and New Pictures

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! McKenzie Grace is 10 months old today! We can't even believe it! We are only two months away from a 1st birthday! Today is a special day because it is not only McKenzie's 10 month birthday but it is also Great Papa Jay and Great Granny's birthdays also! (My grandpa and Jason's grandma have the same!)

McKenzie is growing, growing! She cut her 3rd tooth on Saturday. It is the top right. She is not crawling as much anymore. Now she pulls up and walks along the walls, furniture, or her toys. She is not quite ready to walk without holding onto something but it will not be long before she is. She continues to be such a happy little girl. She is still squealing like a little pig when she gets excited! Her new trick is throwing her food on the floor from her highchair tray when she is full. Baxter of course is right there to scoop it up and loves every minute of it. McKenzie thinks it is very funny to watch him eat the food that she is supposed to be eating. She often claps and squeals for him! McKenzie also thinks that she can pull up and hold onto Baxter. He lets her for a while and then walks away and she falls down and claps. She has begun to say Ma Ma Ma Ma a lot. She is not associating it with me yet though. I am hoping it will not be long!

We have two play dates this week. We love play dates and are super excited! On Thursday we will be playing with Brock and on Friday with Hattie! It is great for McKenzie to have other children to play with instead of just me all the time. It is also great for me to have an adult to talk to instead of just McKenzie and Baxter during the day!

Below are McKenzie's 9 month pictures. I just got the CD yesterday so here they are! We are so excited about them! We hope you enjoy! She is getting so big!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hey everyone! Sorry it has been a long time since I have updated. Not much has happened here in the last week or so. McKenzie got her 9 month pictures taken last Saturday and we are so excited to see them. I will post them as soon as we get them.

I had something very weird happen today. When McKenzie fell asleep for her morning nap I decided to cut her nails. It is the only time I can cut them- when she is sleeping! So as I was cutting her little toe nails one flew off and hit my eye. I rubbed my eye...I know you are not supposed to do that but it was just instinct. I did not really think anything else of it. It still hurt after lunch so I decided to look at my eye in the mirror. I had to pull the side of my eye way back because the pain was in the back corner towards my ear. When I did I saw something white in my eye. I was not sure if it was her toe nail or just how my eye was because I was pulling it weird. So, I asked Jason to look in my eye and sure enough I had a toe nail in it! No wonder it was still hurting and turning all red! I had to dig my finger way in my eye to get it out. It was instant relief as soon as the toe nail was remover. So I guess the moral of the story careful when you are clipping your kid's toe nails! Have a super day!