Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tucker's Baby Dedication

Today was sweet Tucker's Baby Dedication! Look at how handsome this boy is! It was such a nice service. We all partied before the evening service at Amber and Brian's house to celebrate this beautiful blessing!

Tate, Blake, McKenzie, and Landon were at Tucker's house with a babysitter!

Aunt Megan finally got a turn!

Tucker on the big screen!

Tucker is playing with his tongue!

Funny guy!

The Lamb Fam on the big screen

Father's Night

Last Monday was Father's Night at McKenzie's school. McKenzie always gets so excited about it! She loves to take Jason to school to show him what she does. This year, the teachers even set up a tent and read the Mercer Mayer book, Just Me and My Dad! So sweet! She made him a beautifully painted tie that he got to wear. They colored pictures and did hand prints. She came home from school on Friday with a very adorable book that the teachers put together of their night! All ready to go!

Random Cuteness

McKenzie loves nothing more than to dress up as a princess! I mean just check out all her rings!

Two tiaras!

Even high heels!

All ready for church

Landon in his 12 month sleeper at 4 months old!

Swinging away...

Landon loves his feet! He likes to chew his toes at bathtime!

Shark Attack!

So long...

Playing with Daddy

He still loves to roll all over on his mat!

This boy is all smiles!

Cereal...Take 2!

Landon has now mastered the whole cereal eating concept! He gets to excited when he gets into his high chair. He just starts licking his lips! It is precious! He likes to play with his bowl when he is finished to see if he can get anything else out of it. We will be starting vegetables this week! I can't wait for those faces!

I guess I was feeding him too slow...he was sucking his thumb in between bites!

Just making sure he got it all!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cereal...Landon's First Experience

Well tonight was the night! Landon got to try cereal! He hated the high chair at first but soon realized that by sitting in there he got to eat something with a texture, life was much better! He ended up eating all 3 tablespoons and then finished off his 3 oz bottle! He loved his cereal after he got used to it. McKenzie even got a chance to feed him, which made her night! She loves her little brother! Not so happy about the high chair!

Thinking that it might be okay!

Getting ready!

First bite...

Big sisters turn!

All done with a clean bowl!

One happy camper!

Landon's 4 Month Check Up

Today, Landon had his 4 month check up. He is really growing! It is no wonder he is in all 9 month clothes already! The doctor was very excited that he is rolling over both ways now. He can start on his rice cereal which we will try tonight! I am so excited to feed him from a spoon but I think that McKenzie is even more excited! She has been asking about feeding him since he was born! Pictures to come after tonight! Also, just today, Landon started clicking his tongue. So cute! He also hums and sings himself to sleep now just like McKenzie did. I love that! His feet are becoming his favorite new toys and he grabs for objects with his hands. He is growing so fast and changing every day! Here are Landon's stats verses McKenzie's...

Weight: 16lbs 12.8 oz (78%)
Height: 27 1/2 inches (98%)
Head Circumference: 41 1/2 cm (25%)

Weight: 14 lbs 12.8 oz (75%)
Height: 26 1/4 inches (95%)
Head Circumference: 43 cm (90%)

Happy and Healthy! We are so blessed!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Landon is 4 Months Old

Sunday, Landon turned 4 months old! I can't even believe it! He is such a complete joy! He loves to roll all around on his mat. He rolls over both ways now which is really fun to watch. He always has a look of surprise on his face when he does it! He now also likes to be upright and sits in the jumper. Sitting up is helping his flat little head in the back. He is still sleeping from about 9:00-6:30. It still amazes me! He has also found his feet and plays with them all the time. It is so cute! He is so laid back and go with the flow! McKenzie is still such an excellent big sister. She helps him out so much!

She loves to read t him! It is so sweet!

Landon in his penguin hat and puffy jacket!

He loves rolling around!

Hangin' out!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas at the Farm

Christmas evening we headed to Madison for Christmas at the farm. It was a house full of chaos and so much fun! Four children under 4 was quite eventful! We were all there! This year Uncle Mark, Aunt Kim, and only Alex were able to come, all the way from Utah. Nick had to work. Bom and Boppa came from NY and then Uncle Marty, Aunt Gail, Brendon, and Caitlin came from Charlotte. On Monday when we had everyone together, Dad cooked chicken halves. It is a favorite of all of ours but we very rarely do it. My Dad has a big pit he built years ago and the chicken is cooked over a charcoal fire. It is to die for! It was so much fun spending time with all of the family that lives out of state. It is always so sad to say goodbye because we usually only see each other at Christmas. However, it wasn't so hard this time. We are all flying to Utah in June for Alex's graduation. So when we left this time, we had a date to see each other again before an entire year! We also managed to squeeze in Landon's 3 month pictures when we were in town. We can't wait to see them!

Sweet Cousins!

Present fun!

Jason trying out the new pillow Landon got!

Landon did a great job opening his presents with Papa T's help!

Bom and Boppa

Matching Calendars!

Boppa had the magic touch with Landon, he put him right to sleep!

Chicken Halves! Yummy!

All the men cooking chicken!

Getting ready to flip it over...

Landon and his Buddy again! Boppa is a great baby feeder!

Marty, Gail, Caitlin, and MG

Tate got a new Lacrosse shirt!

Uncle Steve and Tucker

Love this Picture...


Landon in his new robe!

Nana reading bedtime stories!

Alex taking his turn!

Jason's double decker dessert he made...Homemade cheesecake and pumpkin pie on top!

Landon riding in Nana's car!