Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our 1st Christmas at Home

This was our 1st Christmas at home! We went to bed in our beds on Christmas Eve and woke up in them on Christmas morning for the very first time! It was awesome! We decided last year that was the last Christmas that we split my parents and Jason's parents on Christmas day driving in the car three hours to the other house. It is not fair to our children o be in the car that long on Christmas day when they want to be playing with their toys! So Christmas morning at our house was fantastic! Jason and I were up super early and showered before either of the kids woke up. We were too excited to sleep! Landon was up first and he ate and played for a long time before we decided to wake up McKenzie at 8:30. Of all days to sleep in! She was so excited when she came out of her bedroom and looked over into the living room and saw her triple stroller! That is all she wanted to do was play with that! We took a break from opening presents that was a very slow process. McKenzie wanted to stop and play with everything she or Landon got instead of opening everything first. So, we stopped half way through and went to church! The service was excellent with wonderful Christmas music! We came home and finished opening presents and then later on that evening we headed to Madison for a delicious turkey dinner! Here is McKenzie with red ink all over her hands after she made her Christmas card for Daddy!

We got an extra special surprise on Christmas Eve....the Backus Family Caroling! It was amazing!

Then we opened up one gift each!

Daddy opened up cards from McKenzie and Landon that McKenzie put in a box and then wrapped all by herself!

McKenzie got a duck humidifier!

Setting out cookies for Santa

All ready for Santa!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

We had a candy tree this year! It was awesome!

Santa came and ate the cookies, drank the milk, and even left a note!

Landon playing waiting for McKenzie to wake up!

Sleepy girl...wake up...Santa came!

Looking over the see what Santa brought!

Christmas Morning at home!

Stockings first!

Even Baxter...dressed like Santa!

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Laura said...

It's so nice you got to be at your own house on Christmas morning! We do a lot of driving too, but always make sure we make it home, to our own house, for Santa's arrival. It means a lot to all of us! McKenzie and Landon are just too cute! And I love the triple stroller. I didn't know they had such a thing for dolls!