Friday, December 23, 2011

My Working Elves

Tuesday, Boppa and Bom flew in from NY! I picked them up at the airport and then they stayed with us until Thursday morning. Steve came up Wednesday night and spent the night and they rode to Mom's house with him. It is always so much fun to have them at our house. It is never long enough. Our visits go by way to quickly. However, as long as I had all those elves at my house, I put them all to work frosting cookies! Many hands really do make light work. My cookies were frosted and decorated in no time at all! Landon and his namesake...Landon Jay and Boppa Jay

Bom with MG

Bom and Landon

Check out these hands...

Such happy little elves!

Craig Elf and Steve Elf

Look at this cookie! So much fun!

Me and my girl! She ate more than she frosted!

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