Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Milestones and Conversations

Landon has reached two milestones in the last 24 hours! He is now rolling over as of yesterday from his stomach to his back. He was so surprised the first time he did it. He just laid there and looked around. I was so excited that I was sitting right there with him and got to see the entire thing! Such a big boy! Speaking of big he is up to an even 15 lbs! Landon's second milestone was that he slept all night and I mean all night! He took his last bottle at 8:00 pm last night and didn't wake up until 7:10 this morning! I couldn't believe it! I woke up at 5 am and jumped up, thinking something was wrong because I hadn't been up yet. Sweet boy was just puffing away! Now I am anxious to see it this continues!

McKenzie is so fun these days! She is growing up and can do so many things now. She is such a great help with Landon. Too much sometimes. Yesterday when I ran upstairs to get some more diapers for the downstairs changing area, upon my return she was changing Landon's poopy diaper. I almost died. There was poop every where. It was one of those moments that was just priceless and there was no time to react, just time to clean up! She informed me that she was just helping out. I couldn't be mad at that innocent face but we did discuss that poopy diapers are for moms and dads only!

McKenzie is also very funny and very witty. Some of the things she says are just hilarious! Here are two examples...

We had new neighbors move in two doors down. I made them a pecan pie to welcome them to the neighborhood and Jason and McKenzie took it over. Just as they were leaving, MG looks back at the lady and says, "We want our dish back!" I mean, I have so no idea where she gets this stuff from. Thank God the lady laughed!

Today driving home here was our conversation:

Me: "What do you want to get Daddy for Christmas? You haven't gotten him anything yet."
MG: "Ummm, tacky shoes."
Me: "Why tacky shoes?"
MG: "Because my Daddy likes tacky things!"

I laughed right out loud! Hilarious! Her little wheels are always turning!

Pictures before church last Sunday!

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