Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brock's 5th Birthday...

...North Pole Style! Yes, North Pole Style and it was done amazing as only Brooke can do! First of all let me start by saying that I can't believe that Brock is turning 5 already! The first time I ever really hung out with Brook and Brad (Brock's parents) was when I took them dinner when Brock was born. Brad and Brooke were in our Life Group but we really did not know them. So the night I took dinner I ended up staying 3 hours holding that sweet baby and chatting with them. It is just so crazy how fast time goes and that was 5 years ago! It makes me sad though that he is 5 because that means no more play dates during the week next year. Brock will be in kindergarten!

Anyways, he had a birthday party for the books! It was complete with pizza, snowman donuts, reindeer cokes, reindeer cookies, a cookie cake, and red and green candy. Then there was painting of Christmas pictures and writing letters to Santa. Then all of a sudden, Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived! Mrs. Claus read The Night Before Christmas and then Santa held each child and listened to his or her wish list. After that, Santa handed out a present for each child and then everyone got a stocking with goodies upon leaving! It was fabulous! McKenzie asked if she could have a Christmas birthday next year. I tried to explain that her birthday is in April!!

Landon's first birthday party!

Decorated to the top!

Candy Table

Brock's cake...complete with his list to Santa!

Reindeer cokes and cookies!

Snowman donuts!

All the happy eating children!

Landon is liking this party thing!

MG painting!

Yummy cookie cake!

The precious birthday boy~Brock!

Deep in thought over what to write to Santa!

Check out the envelopes!

MG's finished letter!

The arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus

All the kids were so excited!

Mrs. Claus reading!

Braden and Brock with Mr. and Mrs. Claus

McKenzie telling Santa her list

Landon and McKenzie with Santa and Mrs. Claus

McKenzie's name was called!

She was so excited!

Braden, Brock, and McKenzie

Too much partying for little man!

Hugs goodbye!

Notice that Brooke even made a stocking for Landon...unbelievable!

Such a fantastic and super fun Party!

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