Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nana and Papa T's Christmas

It was so much being at the farm for Christmas! There is never a dull moment there with 4 children under 5! Wow! It is busy! However, these four cousins love each other so much! They get wild and crazy but then they play together to nicely. When it time to go they hug each other so tight. I just love to see them interact. Dad seems to be feeling a bit better also after his knee surgery in November. Steve and Maggie came over and it is always great to hang out with them. It was just a great Christmas!
Tucker and Landon sharing a snack

This is what Landon did all during presents.  He vacuumed under the stove!
Steve and Maggie found the perfect screen door for Mom.  She has wanted an old screen door for a long time!  She was beyond excited!

Our Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is all over again, already. It seems to come and go so quickly. Our Christmas was very nice at home. It was just us and Santa came! McKenzie woke up around 7 this year so we didn't have to wake her like last year.  Landon got up then too.  McKenzie was super excited about Santa coming and eating her cookies and drinking her milk she left out. Landon was fun too! He loved the boxes and the paper more than his presents! At the bottom are a few Santa pics that I just love!
The Backus Family came by and caroled for us on Christmas Eve!
Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!

Landon loves his new work bench.  It is wonderful for him to stand up and play with.  It is helping him strengthen his legs as he plays!
Landon also loves his 4 wheeler!

McKenzie got a dress up wig because she is always wanting long hair!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas at Grandma and Papa's House

Over the weekend we were at Grandma and Papa's house for Christmas. It was super cold in the mountains and on Saturday morning, it snowed! McKenzie was so excited about it. It was not really a snow, snow, but flurries and it only lasted a short time. However, it was very exciting! Jeffrey is home from Norway, so the entire family was together! We also celebrated Great-Grandma's 80th birthday! We are now all anxiously awaiting the birth of Karlee! She is due January 5th. Anytime now she will make her appearance and McKenzie is just beside herself to meet this precious baby! She keeps asking, "When will Karlee be born!" We just can't wait to meet her!

Present time and McKenzie LOVES Aunt Linsey!

Landon got bored with presents so he pulled an ornament of the tree and played with that!
McKenzie LOVES her new shoes!

Great-Grandma and MG

Some very cute pics of the parents-to-be!

McKenzie's School Christmas Party

McKenzie's Christmas party at school was on Thursday. It was so much fun! They made so many really neat ornaments and had so many different stations of activties to do. The party was at 9:30 in the morning so they had snawman pancakes, candy cane fruit, and snawman milk! Adorable!

Snowman Milk
Snowman pankcakes 
Candy canes made out of strawberries and bananas
MG's Art Work
Time to eat with friends, Grace and Fola!

The McKenzie Snowman
Making a snowman out of marshmellows!