Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Potatoes and a Sippy Cup

Well tonight was a big night for Landon. He tried sweet potatoes and then drank from a sippy cup! He did such a good job and didn't even choke! Yes, the cup is pink...I have not bought "boy" cups yet! I did not know we were ready for them but after tonight, we are! This boy is growing up so fast and is he ever sweet!

First bite!

I like sweet potatoes!

Drinking like a big boy from a sippy cup!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Uncle Steve's Birthday

Sunday was Steve's 27th birthday! We all went to celebrate for the day. It was so fun to all be together. The kids all love to play with each other. It is very busy but these are the days!

Look at Tucker, he doesn't want to miss one drop!

Auntie Amber with Land Man

Nana with Landon and Tucker

I love Tucks face in this picture! It looks just like he is about to say something!

Can you guess who blew out the candles?

So, we had to light them again!

Love him! Sweet Tuck!

Hanging out with the birthday boy!

Uncle Steve! Look close at this is so funny...Tate has his eyes closed on purpose, MG has her mouth opened on purpose and Tucker is puling Landon's ear!

Maggie and Steve

Love this face!

So handsome!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

An ELC Valentine's Party

Monday the 13th, was McKenzie's Valentine Party at her school. They did this really cool scratch off craft. It looked like black paper and when you scratched off the black under it was all different colors. McKenzie loved that activity and of course was the only one who scratched her entire bear shape so all the color was showing and no black. After the activity the kids exchanged valentines. It was so cute to watch them match the picture on their valentines to the pictures on the buckets. It was a really sweet party!


Landon got to go too!

A few of the buckets

McKenzie's stuff

Singing and dancing with the music!

The scratch off activity

Funny Moments...

February has not been a good month for us health wise. We have all been sick and had our turn. We have had everything from strep throat to the stomach virus and bronciolitus with three breathing treatments a day. So for those reasons I have fallen behind on our blog for a bit. So here are some of the funny moments from this month!

McKenzie dancing with Landon

Landon pulled his mobile over so he could chew on the animals!

Landon Loves to Eat

Landon just loves to eat! He is such a good eater and eats whatever is put in front of him. Now he has tried not just green beans, but peas, squash, and tonight carrots! Carrots are by far his favorite. He grabbed the spoon right tout of my hand and began chewing it thinking that there was more on it still. He is so funny! Here a few pictures from the first night that he tried all these different vegetables.



Helping me by shoving his spoon into his mouth!

He just took the spoon and shoved it in! I apparently was not fast enough!



Daddy-Daughter Date Night

Saturday, February 4, Jason and McKenzie went to Daddy Daughter date night at Chick-Fil-A! It was so sweet. She came home with a white carnation and a picture that they took at the restaurant. They had a wonderful time. McKenzie loves to have her Daddy time!

This night reminded me so much of when I was a child. Since my Dad and I share a birthday every year when I was young we would go out to eat for our birthday just us. It was so special. I get so excited when McKenzie and Jason do things like this because I want her to have those same wonderful memories that I have with my Daddy when she is my age!

Daughter and Daddy

I got a picture will the girl of the hour too!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Green Beans

Tonight Landon got to try green beans! First, I mixed them into his cereal and he loved them! Then when his cereal was all gone I just gave him what was left in the container. He ate every last drop. Yea, he likes green beans!

All done!