Thursday, February 2, 2012

5 Months Old...Already

Yesterday, Landon turned 5 months old...already! He is such a joy! He continues to smile all the time, sleeps great, and still loves his cereal! We had a very nice surprise on Tuesday night. My cousin Amanda was flying through Atlanta on her way home to Wisconsin and was late leaving Jacksonville, so she missed her connecting flight. The next flight out was not until yesterday at 3 pm. So she got to spend the night with us and meet little Landon! It was so great to see her even just for a short time! I always love surprises like that!

5 month old breakfast!

Amanda, Princess Aurora, and Landon

If you look close, Landon is holding on for dear life to McKenzie's boa!

McKenzie is dancing to her music video from school...again!

Landon thinks it is funny to watch his sister!

This is what happens when I walk out of the room for one second!

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