Monday, November 28, 2011

Does She Ever Sleep?

This is what Jason found last night upon checking on McKenzie after she had been in bed nearly 2 hours. First, she put her animals that started off in her bed with her when she was put to bed next to her tree. Then if you look closely at La La, the pink bear, she is wear hair bows. Second, if you look at the bottom left side of her Christmas tree she has decorated the cord all the way from the tree to the outlet with hair bows. I honestly am not sure how much this child actually sleeps!

I stretched out the cord so that all the hair bows wold show. I mean who would ever think to do this kind of thing. It is no wonder she doesn't sleep, she has way too much going on inside her head to shut down for the night!

Big Boy in the Bumbo

Look who can hold up his head and sit in his Bumbo seat already...Landon! He loves to sit in his seat and look around. It is a whole new view of everything for him! He can't sit up for long, only a few minutes but still that is awesome! He is growing up way too quickly!

The Gingerbread Train

Jason and McKenzie worked very hard last night on the gingerbread train! It looked great when it was all finished! We had to get some extra candy out of the cupboard to finish it because a little someone ate most of what it came with!

So proud of her work!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goooooooo DAWGS

On Saturday, Landon was sportin' his UGA Jersey in honor of the GA/GT game! Landon's Jersey was good luck because the DAWGS won 31-17! Thanks for this adorable jersey Heider!

Tippin' over!

Almost fell...but I caught him!

Thanksgiving 2011 at The Farm

Thanksgiving this year was in Madison. We were all together and it was a great time! Now with four children it is very busy and very loud! A great representation of healthy children- Praise God! This Thanksgiving was complete with Papa giving tractor rides, making Gingerbread houses, and a few early Christmas presents!

McKenzie helping Nana break up the bread for the stuffing.

Reading a Christmas book...and McKenzie is getting tired...NOT!

Sweet Tucker Bear

Landon with his turkey bottom!

Yea, I took your picture!

The Lamb is very hard to get a 3 year old to smile right...but he is so cute!

Sweet, sweet cousins

Nana and Papa T with their four blessings
(Tate, Tucker, Landon, and McKenzie)

We got a picture of the whole family!

Chill time...look at Tucker...he sit up so well by himself!

Early Christmas


Tucker is so cute even when he is crying!

Let the creativity begin!

Tucker loves to eat and he is such a great eater!

All done and they look great! (Notice Tate's pile of whoopers...that is his mud hole!!!)

The Backs

Wrestle time with Uncle Steve


Matching 76 shirts...76 was Brian's football number! Great find Amber!

Tucker checking out his little cousin

Bath time with UB! He bathed all 3 all by himself! How awesome is he?!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Cute Pictures

Landon has been teething for a few weeks now. No teeth but he loves to chew on Sophia the giraffe and he drools all over!

McKenzie in the leaves!

All ready for Church!

Sweetness...she still loves him!

Landon is already pulling hair!

Landon loves his mat!

Gliding with Sophia!

Epic- his onesie from Heider!