Monday, September 27, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Last night we had the most gorgeous rainbow across the street. It stretched as far as you could see. These pictures do not do it justice. It was every beautiful color of a rainbow. Just a little reminder from God that He will never flood the Earth again!

Wedding Bells and Birthday Candles

Saturday we had a wedding in Madison so we all went home. Everyone went but the children. The had a sitter and did great! Ashley and Brad got married. Ashley and I grew up in church together and her father was our youth leader for years. It was a fabulous wedding. The ceremony was outside on the most beautiful day, however very hot and the reception was inside. The food and cake were delicious and the celebration was very fun! Here are a few pictures from the night!

Jason and Me


Amber and Mom

Groom's cake-Strawberry....yummy!

Bride's cake- Beautiful and very delicious

Bride and Groom having their first dance

Daddy Daughter Dance...just before they broke it down to "Play That Funky Music White Boy!" Priceless!

Amber and Me

Jason and Brian

Pop Face

Bride and Groom

The Lamb Fam- minus the two precious children


Kathy and John...Mother and Father of the Bride
Ashley played a special song for them to dance was so sweet!

John, Kathy, and Ashley

The Electric Slide

Mom was trying so hard!

Amber and I lost it!

Th Bride and her Bridesmaids...look at their shoes! I love them!

Susan (Bride's Cousin) and Me

Brayden and Ed just a dancin'!

Jason swingin' Mom around!

Susan and Kumari (The flower girl from our wedding!)

Kumari cuttin' the rug!

The "Outlaws" as they call themselves!

Sunday was celebrated Mom's 56th Birthday. It is not until October 11th but we will probably not all be back together again before then. Mom cooked a ham dinner for her own birthday and then we had cake! It was fun! Here are the pictures from the day...

Tate and McKenzie playing so sweet

Talking about their creations and solving the problems of the world!

Mom's Birthday Cake...Tate and MG always fight over Nana...One will say, "My Nana" and then the other one will say, "No My Nana" and back and forth and back and that is why her cake says that!

Here candles are in the shape of a 5 and a 6!


Auntie Amber reading!

We got Mom a porch swing for her birthday that is kid size! Do you think that I could get a picture of both of them at once...NO! Tate is singing If You Happy and You Know It and MG is just making faces. This was the best of 3!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Homemade Playdoh

McKenzie loves to play with playdoh. She talks about playing with it all the time at school. So today I decided that we would make some playdoh. I found a recipe and it was really fun! MG got to help with the making of it, which she loved! Then she got to decide on the color of it. When it cooled she got to make shapes with cookie cutters! It was so much fun! I totally enjoyed playing with it also, ahhhh to be a kid again!

Notice under her left eye-there is a bruise- MG and her baby had a fight at nap time yesterday and her baby won. I am not sure how it happened, she just started screaming and when I went up there she said her baby hurt her eye. Who knows?!


Tuesday night for Supper Club we had chicken-n-dumplings. McKenzie had never paid much attention to how I make them before. However, this night, she was totally into the dumpling part. She was such a great little helper! She handed me the dumplings and I put them into the boiling pot! It is so fun now that she is getting a little older she can do real things. She loves to cook and bake, a girl after my own heart!

Pillows for her Babies

I have been meaning to post this story or lesson to me but I have just now gotten around to it. For several weeks in a row, every time I would put McKenzie down for a nap she would rip off her pull up and take off her pants. When the pull up came off she would rip the mes on the sides and then rip it again. So now she had four pieces of mesh. Sometimes she would put her pants back on and other times she would not. It became this battle between us. Everyday at nap time I would tell her to leave her pull up on and her clothes on. And...for several weeks her pull up would be ripped off and most of the time her bed was wet when she got up. Well this battle continued until one day I FINALLY wizened up. I was tired of fighting this fight and battling a never ending battle. So, I just simply one day, at my wits end asked..."McKenzie, WHY are you ripping off your pull up everyday at nap time?" Her reply in her innocent little 2 year old voice, "Mommy, my babies need pillows too." I then looked and under each of her babies head was a rectangle mesh part of her pull up. I could not believe her answer. Here I thought she just was trying to make a mess and make me mad day after day after day. However, she had a perfectly good answer for her madness. I could have just kicked myself for not asking "Why" weeks ago! I guess for everything there is a reason! Now, we have a special blanket for the babies to use as a pillow and her pull up has stayed on ever since!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturdays in September

Our town does this thing every September called Saturdays in September. It is just different activities to bring out the people of the town and to hang out and have a good time. Yesterday it was Touch A Truck, a craft show, and different businesses advertising at the Court House parking lot. The Touch A Truck was not near as big as the one we did with Tate a few blogs back. This one was mostly Police vehicles and SWAT Team trucks. However, MG loved crawling all through them. Jason was rafting and camping this weekend with church so my friend Katie went with us. We had a wonderful time! It was a great outing and very fun to hang out in the community. Here are some pictures that we took!
Waiting in line to ride the fire truck train!
All McKenzie wanted was a sucker and Katie found her a really big one. It kept her entertained for 2 hours! MG is holding Doc Broc. It is a Broccoli doll dressed up as a doctor. Too funny!

On the fire truck train!

Sittin' in a police car...hopefully the only time this will happen!

In the back of the prisoner transport vehicle. It is a scary place in there.

All MG wanted to do was drive this simulated car. She ended her turn with a collision! I guess that was expected from a 2 year old! She loved it though!

Inside the SWAT Tank

The Real Fire Truck