Friday, September 24, 2010

Pillows for her Babies

I have been meaning to post this story or lesson to me but I have just now gotten around to it. For several weeks in a row, every time I would put McKenzie down for a nap she would rip off her pull up and take off her pants. When the pull up came off she would rip the mes on the sides and then rip it again. So now she had four pieces of mesh. Sometimes she would put her pants back on and other times she would not. It became this battle between us. Everyday at nap time I would tell her to leave her pull up on and her clothes on. And...for several weeks her pull up would be ripped off and most of the time her bed was wet when she got up. Well this battle continued until one day I FINALLY wizened up. I was tired of fighting this fight and battling a never ending battle. So, I just simply one day, at my wits end asked..."McKenzie, WHY are you ripping off your pull up everyday at nap time?" Her reply in her innocent little 2 year old voice, "Mommy, my babies need pillows too." I then looked and under each of her babies head was a rectangle mesh part of her pull up. I could not believe her answer. Here I thought she just was trying to make a mess and make me mad day after day after day. However, she had a perfectly good answer for her madness. I could have just kicked myself for not asking "Why" weeks ago! I guess for everything there is a reason! Now, we have a special blanket for the babies to use as a pillow and her pull up has stayed on ever since!

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