Friday, September 24, 2010

Homemade Playdoh

McKenzie loves to play with playdoh. She talks about playing with it all the time at school. So today I decided that we would make some playdoh. I found a recipe and it was really fun! MG got to help with the making of it, which she loved! Then she got to decide on the color of it. When it cooled she got to make shapes with cookie cutters! It was so much fun! I totally enjoyed playing with it also, ahhhh to be a kid again!

Notice under her left eye-there is a bruise- MG and her baby had a fight at nap time yesterday and her baby won. I am not sure how it happened, she just started screaming and when I went up there she said her baby hurt her eye. Who knows?!

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Tank said...

glad y'all had fun!