Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poor Ba Ba

Today I had an appointment and left McKenzie with a Maggie. Maggie is Jason's secratary who McKenzie loves very much! When I can home from my appointment this is what I saw...

Baxter was dressed up in McKenzie's giraffe's clothes! It was hilarious! It is the outfit that goes on MG's build-a-bear giraffe from Uncle Jeffrey! The shirt is pink with rinstones and says Proudly African and then there is a khaki skirt to go with it. Baxter was sportin' both! I knew this day would come...I just did not know when! Baxter was a good sport and did not really care!
McKenzie on the other hand thought it was the greatest thing in the world!


Laura said...

That's so funny! Baxter must be a very patient dog to let someone get that shirt on him. But at least he looks good in pink!

Tank said...

this just made my day. so hilarious. I am so glad MG is helping baxter connect with his African roots!