Wednesday, August 21, 2013

McKenzie's First Day of Kindergarten

Well today was the big day! McKenzie started Kindergarten! Poor girl, she has been sick but is feeling better now. She was so excited to go on one hand and so nervous on the other. We all went to drop her off her first day. She cried when we started to leave but then Daddy took her to her seat and sat her down and she started to color her train picture that was on her desk. I know she is having the best time!  It is just so hard the first day to actually go. I can't wait to hear all about it when I get to pick her up!

The school set up this adorable little photo opt for the first day!

McKenzie and her teacher, Mrs. Williams
Daddy giving the pep talk!
Getting the name badge all hooked on!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Landon's Big Boy Bed

Well after our busy weekend, last weekend Monday came around. It was the big day for Landon. We had finally gotten his big boy furniture and his big boy room was ready to be moved into. So all Monday morning we spend moving his things from the nursery to his big boy room. It is sock monkeys and if I say so myself it is super cute! I love how it turned out. So Monday nap time was the beginning of no return. It was off to the big boy bed with no return to the crib. I wanted him to be all settled in and used to his big boy room before the baby comes. Nap time couldn't have gone more perfect. He climbed right into his bed and laid down and went right to sleep. Nighttime that night was the same thing. In fact the first 3 days were that easy. I couldn't believe it. I was so worried that he it would be a nightmare and it was so easy. However, then day 4 came along and nap time was fine but then nighttime was a different story. He kept asking for his crib and saying, "Crib...bed." It broke my heart but I didn't give in. I ended up rocking him and then putting him in his big boy bed. He didn't sleep well that night or the next. When he woke up Friday from his nap he had a fever. He now has a tonsil infection and is on Amoxicillin the next 10 days. So, I think that he really does like his bed, he just had a sore throat and that is why he wasn't sleeping. After his medicine yesterday he slept the best he has slept since the move. I hope we are on the up and up now!

Here he is!  Sound asleep in his big boy bed.  He looks so little in there!
Please notice the adorable sock monkey picture that "Aunt Martha" (Amber) made him for his birthday!  I LOVE it!

Baby Jessie's Shower

Last Sunday was my family baby shower. Amber and my friend, Brooke gave it to me. It was so nice! It was all things sprinkles...even popcorn drizzled in white chocolate with sprinkles on it! Delicious! It was so much fun and we I got such nice stuff. McKenzie was so excited to be part of the shower. She is still certain that the baby will be a girl and that her name will be Morgan. If by any chance it is a boy, McKenzie thinks we should name him Peter! I still feel like it is going to be a boy and we still as of today do not have the names finalized either way. We are getting down to the final days here so we need to decide that!

MG was very excited about the bag of bottle nipples and toothbrush!

When Landon woke up from his nap he got to join in the fun too!
Katie did it again.  When I was pregnant with Landon she made McKenzie a big sister book.  This time she made McKenzie and Landon a big sister/big brother book.  I tried to read it aloud but I couldn't make it through the first page.  So Katie had to read it to all of us!  It is a priceless gift that will be cherished forever!

Landon's 2nd Birthday Party

Last Saturday we celebrated Landon's 2nd birthday! It was a few weeks early but since the baby is due on his birthday we wanted to do his party early. It was a Mickey Mouse theme and the weather was absolutely perfect for a pool party! We had a nice turn out and everyone had lunch and swam. I can't even believe that it is already time to have a 2nd birthday party for sweet Landon. He is still the happiest child I have ever met!

Look at his cake that my friend, Beth made!  It was delicious too!
Landon loved his cake!
McKenzie painted the Mickey frame all by herself for Landon's party.  She did such a fantastic job!
Mickey cookies

All the food had a fun name!

The sweet birthday boy!
Everyone got out of the pool to come and sing to sweet Landon!
He was so excited when everyone was signing.  He knew it was all for him!

Ms. Jean and Granny
Yummy cake for the birthday boy!
Party at the pool!

Landon and Grandaddy
Kissing Granny goodbye!

Fun sand buckets for party favors

Birthday Banner
Landon got a Gator for his birthday!  Kenzie had to show him how to drive it!
Crusin' with cousin Tate!  Good thing Tate was helping him steer!

The Outlaws at it again!
This was the present that MG wrapped for Landon.  She even cut out a Mickey face and taped it on!

This is what was in the box from MG.  Landon was so sweet when he opened it up.  He just hugged it and hugged it!
Still hugging his new Mickey!  I love this picture!

Tucker was pushing Landon on his new trike he got!   Such sweet cousins!