Sunday, August 18, 2013

Landon's Big Boy Bed

Well after our busy weekend, last weekend Monday came around. It was the big day for Landon. We had finally gotten his big boy furniture and his big boy room was ready to be moved into. So all Monday morning we spend moving his things from the nursery to his big boy room. It is sock monkeys and if I say so myself it is super cute! I love how it turned out. So Monday nap time was the beginning of no return. It was off to the big boy bed with no return to the crib. I wanted him to be all settled in and used to his big boy room before the baby comes. Nap time couldn't have gone more perfect. He climbed right into his bed and laid down and went right to sleep. Nighttime that night was the same thing. In fact the first 3 days were that easy. I couldn't believe it. I was so worried that he it would be a nightmare and it was so easy. However, then day 4 came along and nap time was fine but then nighttime was a different story. He kept asking for his crib and saying, "Crib...bed." It broke my heart but I didn't give in. I ended up rocking him and then putting him in his big boy bed. He didn't sleep well that night or the next. When he woke up Friday from his nap he had a fever. He now has a tonsil infection and is on Amoxicillin the next 10 days. So, I think that he really does like his bed, he just had a sore throat and that is why he wasn't sleeping. After his medicine yesterday he slept the best he has slept since the move. I hope we are on the up and up now!

Here he is!  Sound asleep in his big boy bed.  He looks so little in there!
Please notice the adorable sock monkey picture that "Aunt Martha" (Amber) made him for his birthday!  I LOVE it!

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