Saturday, August 21, 2010

Parties and Parties and Parties...Oh My!

Today we had three birthday parties all at the same time! It was a busy day, but really fun!

We at started off at Carson's 3rd birthday party. It was a Thomas party. They even had a train to ride on! All the kids got conductor hats to wear on the train! McKenzie loved it! She did not want to get off. She had to take two rides back to back! The second time she had to sit up front next to the birthday boy! It was a great party!

From Carson's party we went to Hattie and Meredith's party. They are sister and two days apart. Hattie turned 4 yesterday and Meredith will be 1 tomorrow. They had their party in a gymnastics gym! All the kids could jump and play on all the stuff that a gymnastics gym has. MG had a ball there too! Hattie and Meredith had a Little Mermaid themed party!

By the time we got home poor McKenzie was running on sugar fumes! She had eaten at both parties and had juice at both and was just absolutely exhausted. She did not have a nap today either, so she is sound asleep already for the night. It was a really fun and exciting day for her!

Today, August also...Auntie Amber's Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday to the World's Best Aunt! We love you so much and hope your day has been wonderful!

Hattie and Meredith's Party

Hattie is 4!


Hattie's Cake...we missed Meredith's Cake because we were at Carson's party!

All hot after playing!

Carson's Party

Carson's Cake!

MG in the train with Carson's cousin Will!

The Train

All Aboard!

McKenzie and the birthday boy...Carson!

Toe Nail Polish...Yah, Yah!

McKenzie has been realizing lately that my toe nails are polished. She always asks about them and tells me that she likes them. A few days ago she wanted to have hers polished. I got it all set up and she sat down and decided really quickly that she did NOT want her toes nails painted! So that was the end of it. Today, she decided that she wanted them painted again. So, I got it all set up again and painted the first nail and she LOVED it! Her little toes look so cute! She sat so still while I painted them and so still while they dried. She did a really good job! MG did not really understand that the polish will not just come off in water or when you wear socks. She kept checking the rest of the day today to make sure he polish was still there. Too cute!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Window Crayons

Last night I finally gave in to McKenzie asking if she could use her window crayons. She got them for Christmas and we have never used them. It turns out, they are really cool! They go on glass like waxy crayons but wash off with water like water proof markers. McKenzie loved them. They are a really fun idea! We had to get them back out today to play with them some more! Above is our creation!

Bye Bye Uncle Jeffrey...Again

Yesterday, Uncle Jeffrey left for Norway. He will be living there until May 2011. He had been staying with Granny and Grandaddy for a few days and yesterday they brought him back to us and Jason took him to the airport. It was such a tease to have him at our house for only a few hours. McKenzie just loves him and loves to play with him. When Jason got home from the airport last night she said, "Daddy's home and so is Uncle Jeffrey." It was so sweet! However, Uncle Jeffrey was not home.

Jeffrey is going to be a director of a youth program in Norway. Apparently, in Norway there is a year off of school between high school and college. Jeff will be the director of activities for those kids. He will do an awesome job! He is going to have so much fun! He is really excited about it because he will be living in the same town that his Grandma was from when she came to live in the US. She still has lots of family there that Jeff will get to meet. That will be a really neat experience for him! So, as we say goodbye to Uncle Jeffry again, we know that he is off to do great things and that great things will come out of his time in Norway. We are so proud of you Jeff and can't wait to see you when you visit at Christmas!

Sweet goodbyes!

When Granny came yesterday she brought MG a sticker book! They played stickers all afternoon! Here McKenize is helping Granny fix her sweater!

Now, back to the sticker book!

The Beach at The Lake

Tuesday, Jason was working from home so we decided to take McKenzie to the beach at the lake! It is really a lake in the next town over that has a really nice, sandy beach. It has great picnic shelters and a playground. You can even ride paddle boats! It is really fun and McKenzie loves it. When we went on Tuesday there was no body there. It was just us! There were a few people walking around the lake but we were the only swimmers. It was so weird to have the entire lake just to ourselves. All the kids are back in school now down here so that is why no one was there. We had a great time and a wonderful picnic lunch. McKenzie is getting really good with her swimmies and is not afraid of the water at all. She swims way out to the yellow bar all by herself! She is a little fish and loves the water!

Swimming out to the bar!

This squirrel is always there. He comes right up to people and eats the food that falls on the ground.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Booster Chair

McKenzie got a booster chair today! She has wanted to sit in a "big" chair for a long time. Today when we were out I got her one. She loved it tonight at dinner! It was so much fun having her sit at the table with us for the first time instead of in her highchair beside us. She is growing up so fast! It makes us sad but that is life!

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My precious little McKenzie Grace gave me a run for my money today! It all started when I told her we had to go to the doctor this morning to have her fingers looked at. She replies to me, "I don't want to go to the doctor, the doctor makes me nervous." I almost fell on the floor when she said nervous! To make a long story short, she is losing 3 finger nails on her right hand. One fell off today and the other two are not far behind. So, I took her to the doctor to see if there was something wrong with her since she never complained of them hurting or getting caught in anything. The doctor said they were fine and then we left. Now at the grocery store, MG thinks she always have to ride in a car cart. Trying to be a "good" mom I let her. Those things are so hard to push but anyways, they are fun for her. So off we go. She immediately starts to hang her hand out of it and drag it on the floor. After the third time of me telling her to get her hand in the cart, I spanked her hand. She looks at me and said, "Don't spank me, that's ridiculous!" Well, I just had to turn my head and laugh because at that point I could not believe that she said that to me. A little while later, I look down and notice that her hair bow is gone. One of the good ones that I have made for her. I asked her where it was and she said she threw it out. Now we are backtracking through the grocery store looking for her hair bow that we never found. I was so upset. At the check out, I am unloading the cart and paying and then as we are leaving I look in the car cart to check on McKenzie and I notice that she is chewing something. I look in her hands and she has 5 trident wrappers and the rest of the pack of gum in her lap. Yes, she stole it at the check out. I was so embarrassed. I could have died! So, I had to turn this huge ca cart around and go back and pay for it. In the car on the way home McKenzie then tells me that she wants to go to daycare like Tate and wants me to go back to work. That made me feel wonderful! After arriving home, she pooped in her big girl panties. By that time, it was definitely nap time! Jason took her off my hands tonight when he got home. I really appreciated that tonight! Some days are just going to be like that!

McKenzie has been doing so well potty training though, and I would say she is potty trained. She wears big girl panties all the time except for naps and at night. She has even woke up a few nights last week to go to the bathroom. So, I think she is really getting it.

Pacifiers are still a thing of that past. She has not had one since I took them away cold turkey two weeks ago tomorrow! She has finally stopped asking for them and now just goes to bed. It was a had task at first but I am so glad it is behind us. She loves her LaLa bear. That was such a great purchase!

Auntie Amber's Birthday Bash

This past Saturday we went to Brian and Amber's house to celebrate Amber's birthday that is actually next Saturday the 21st. We were all together and had a wonderful time! They had an expo called Touch A Truck going on near them so we took the kids. It was the neatest thing. There were tons and tons of truck, campers, fire trucks, tractors, big rigs, all kinds of vehicles and they were all on display for the kids to crawl through and blow the horns and pretend drive. It was really fun! Tate and McKenzie loved it. After that we went back to Amber's house and had lunch and then Mom, Amber, and I went shopping at the outlets for a little while and the men stayed with the kids. For dinner that night we had chicken on the grill and celebrated Amber's birthday! I am just so lucky to have such an amazing sister-in-law and MG such an outstanding aunt! It was so much fun to celebrate her and hang out with everyone. It was a great weekend!

The pink John Deere!

Papa T checking out the pink tractor with two seats! I think he needs to paint one of his pink!

Tate on the green one!

MG running in the back of a big rig!

Kenzie and Nana on the trolley

Precious Tate taking it all in!

They had a fun bus set up where the kids could play inside and then slide back out to the waiting parents!

McKenzie in a fire truck! She got two gloves out of this deal!

The train!

Auntie Amber and her girl with gloves!

The Smart car! Papa T and Nana's next date car!

Nana, Tate, and McKenzie dancing to the music video!

Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday Aunt Amber!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sprinkler Fun

Today, we had some new sod put down. We had a few dead spots in our yard so we got some new! Along with new sod comes lots and lots of watering. McKenzie got in on the watering action tonight! At first she was just watching and then she got closer and closer and finally she was all wet! It was hilarious to watch her stick her head under the sprinkler and the look of shock on her face when she got all wet! Fun times with our 2 year old!

McKenzie did not like the feeling of a wet shirt.