Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Beach at The Lake

Tuesday, Jason was working from home so we decided to take McKenzie to the beach at the lake! It is really a lake in the next town over that has a really nice, sandy beach. It has great picnic shelters and a playground. You can even ride paddle boats! It is really fun and McKenzie loves it. When we went on Tuesday there was no body there. It was just us! There were a few people walking around the lake but we were the only swimmers. It was so weird to have the entire lake just to ourselves. All the kids are back in school now down here so that is why no one was there. We had a great time and a wonderful picnic lunch. McKenzie is getting really good with her swimmies and is not afraid of the water at all. She swims way out to the yellow bar all by herself! She is a little fish and loves the water!

Swimming out to the bar!

This squirrel is always there. He comes right up to people and eats the food that falls on the ground.

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