Saturday, August 21, 2010

Toe Nail Polish...Yah, Yah!

McKenzie has been realizing lately that my toe nails are polished. She always asks about them and tells me that she likes them. A few days ago she wanted to have hers polished. I got it all set up and she sat down and decided really quickly that she did NOT want her toes nails painted! So that was the end of it. Today, she decided that she wanted them painted again. So, I got it all set up again and painted the first nail and she LOVED it! Her little toes look so cute! She sat so still while I painted them and so still while they dried. She did a really good job! MG did not really understand that the polish will not just come off in water or when you wear socks. She kept checking the rest of the day today to make sure he polish was still there. Too cute!

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Tank said...

she is really growing up!