Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Panama City Beach

Last week we were in Florida at the beach. It was such an awesome trip! It was just the three of us and it was so relaxing and fun! McKenzie met a little boy there and he was her boyfriend for the week. They played in the pool together and had so much fun! He did not like the beach and MG LOVED it. Everyday McKenzie wanted to go to the beach and look for shells. We found a ton of shells. On the last day at the beach we found several really nice shells. Since Parker, her boyfriend did not have any shells from the week because he did not like the beach MG gave him one of yours. When we found him that morning in the kiddie pool MG said, "Parker, I found this shell for you." It was so sweet!

McKenzie is also doing really well potty training. She was dry all the way to FL and all the way home! She went to the bathroom when we stopped and that was it! We were so proud of her!

We rode the train at Pier Park!

The best ice cream ever!

We get to the counter to order and McKenzie says, "I want pink with sprinkles please! That is my favorite!" She has never had strawberry ice cream before! It was so funny!

Getting ready to hit the waves!

MG loved the sand and looking for the shells!

She wanted to walk in all by herself and could not understand why she had to hold our hands.

First time ever for swimmies! Thank you Parker for wearing yours so MG would think they were awesome!

All by herself!

McKenzie and Parker


On the way home we stopped to see Michelle our cousin in college!

On the way home MG was talking on the real phone and her phone to Nana! "Hey Nana!"

Reading to her baby in the car!

Ready to go outside!

The pools in our condo.

The Ocean!

MG loved this Captain and hugged him and played with him all the time!

Gettin' the Captains nose!

McKenzie and Daddy

So sweet!

MG and Mommy!

Our Condo

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