Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bye Bye Uncle Jeffrey...Again

Yesterday, Uncle Jeffrey left for Norway. He will be living there until May 2011. He had been staying with Granny and Grandaddy for a few days and yesterday they brought him back to us and Jason took him to the airport. It was such a tease to have him at our house for only a few hours. McKenzie just loves him and loves to play with him. When Jason got home from the airport last night she said, "Daddy's home and so is Uncle Jeffrey." It was so sweet! However, Uncle Jeffrey was not home.

Jeffrey is going to be a director of a youth program in Norway. Apparently, in Norway there is a year off of school between high school and college. Jeff will be the director of activities for those kids. He will do an awesome job! He is going to have so much fun! He is really excited about it because he will be living in the same town that his Grandma was from when she came to live in the US. She still has lots of family there that Jeff will get to meet. That will be a really neat experience for him! So, as we say goodbye to Uncle Jeffry again, we know that he is off to do great things and that great things will come out of his time in Norway. We are so proud of you Jeff and can't wait to see you when you visit at Christmas!

Sweet goodbyes!

When Granny came yesterday she brought MG a sticker book! They played stickers all afternoon! Here McKenize is helping Granny fix her sweater!

Now, back to the sticker book!

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Tank said...

thanks for putting up these pictures! i was so sad to leave little MG again. we had such a great time, and I always love coming to y'alls house. i will be home so soon again though! love y'all so much.