Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Norton Hotel

What a super fun whirlwind of a week it has been! Jeffrey has returned from Africa! We are so excited that he is home. However, he is only home until the 18th of August when he flies to Norway for his next job! We are so proud of him! His work in Africa was so amazing. He made this slide show and shared all about his time there with us. He did so many wonderful things and spread God's love to the people there in so many ways. Jeffrey is truly a blessing and an excellent example of a light for Christ. With that said, he was with us from last Tuesday until this past Tuesday. We had so much fun! On Thursday of last week, Tanta Nana, Uncle Carlos, Michelle and Tyler-Michelle's fiance came to visit. We had a ball! We played games and laughed until our stomachs hurt. Jason even set up a "slip-n-slide" with a pool at the end! We took them to our "beach" in Carrollton and enjoyed a full day in the water and a picnic lunch. It was a very relaxing, very fun family time. Saturday afternoon Tanta Nana and Uncle Carlos had to go back home to Florida. Michelle and Tyler stayed until Monday. We went shopping Saturday afternoon and helped Jeffrey get a bunch of stuff her needed before heading to Norway. Then on Tuesday Jeffrey left our house and went to visit our cousin in Alabama. McKenzie could not get enough of Jeffrey. She wanted to play wit him, sit by him, and do everything he did! When she woke up on Wednesday morning the first thing she said was, "I want to see Uncle Jeffrey!" It was so sweet. However, he was not here. So, we will see Jeffrey next Wednesday for the day and then Jason takes him to the airport on Wednesday night. Then he is off again, to serve and be obedient to his calling. He will return in May for good. This is just a 9 month stay!

"slip-n-slide"...redneck style! A big tarp and a kiddie pool at the end!

MG loving on her Uncle Jeffrey!

Tyler made it all the way to the end!

Everyone in the pool!

McKenzie's turn to go down!

Standing under the sprinkler part!

Ahhh...a nice regreshing dip in the pool!

So much fun...MG fell sound asleep at dinner!

Michelle and McKenzie

Uncle Carlos, Tanta Nana, Tyler, Jason, Michelle, and Jeffrey

No Tyler this time, Me and MG instead!

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