Monday, August 16, 2010

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My precious little McKenzie Grace gave me a run for my money today! It all started when I told her we had to go to the doctor this morning to have her fingers looked at. She replies to me, "I don't want to go to the doctor, the doctor makes me nervous." I almost fell on the floor when she said nervous! To make a long story short, she is losing 3 finger nails on her right hand. One fell off today and the other two are not far behind. So, I took her to the doctor to see if there was something wrong with her since she never complained of them hurting or getting caught in anything. The doctor said they were fine and then we left. Now at the grocery store, MG thinks she always have to ride in a car cart. Trying to be a "good" mom I let her. Those things are so hard to push but anyways, they are fun for her. So off we go. She immediately starts to hang her hand out of it and drag it on the floor. After the third time of me telling her to get her hand in the cart, I spanked her hand. She looks at me and said, "Don't spank me, that's ridiculous!" Well, I just had to turn my head and laugh because at that point I could not believe that she said that to me. A little while later, I look down and notice that her hair bow is gone. One of the good ones that I have made for her. I asked her where it was and she said she threw it out. Now we are backtracking through the grocery store looking for her hair bow that we never found. I was so upset. At the check out, I am unloading the cart and paying and then as we are leaving I look in the car cart to check on McKenzie and I notice that she is chewing something. I look in her hands and she has 5 trident wrappers and the rest of the pack of gum in her lap. Yes, she stole it at the check out. I was so embarrassed. I could have died! So, I had to turn this huge ca cart around and go back and pay for it. In the car on the way home McKenzie then tells me that she wants to go to daycare like Tate and wants me to go back to work. That made me feel wonderful! After arriving home, she pooped in her big girl panties. By that time, it was definitely nap time! Jason took her off my hands tonight when he got home. I really appreciated that tonight! Some days are just going to be like that!

McKenzie has been doing so well potty training though, and I would say she is potty trained. She wears big girl panties all the time except for naps and at night. She has even woke up a few nights last week to go to the bathroom. So, I think she is really getting it.

Pacifiers are still a thing of that past. She has not had one since I took them away cold turkey two weeks ago tomorrow! She has finally stopped asking for them and now just goes to bed. It was a had task at first but I am so glad it is behind us. She loves her LaLa bear. That was such a great purchase!

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Tank said...

What a day! Never a dull moment. What a girl. Haha.