Thursday, January 27, 2011

The "Big Girl" Room

Well it has finally happened. Last night McKenzie asked if she could sleep in her "Big Girl" room. It has been finished a long time, since like last March. However, she was not into her new room then and wanted to still sleep in her crib in the nursery. We did not push the issue. We do not need the nursery for anything now so she continued to stay in there...until last night! She wanted to sleep in her big bed. I did talk her out of it last night because I really want to have a monitor for her room before she sleeps in there at night. Now that she is changing rooms, she is not close to our room and I am just afraid I would not hear her if she needed me in the middle of the night. So, last night I said No! However, today at nap time McKenzie asked again, if she could sleep in her big girl room. This time, I said Yes! I will hear her at nap time if she needs anything. I put her to bed and checked on her 10 minutes later to find this...

...Sound asleep! She loves her big girl room! So when she wakes up, we are off to the store to buy a monitor so she can continue sleeping in her new room. She is so grown up. Even though she gets lost in her big bed! I can't believe that she is out of her crib and in her big girl room! Just the thought of it makes me so sad but happy at the same time!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Father's Night

Tonight, was Father's Night at McKenzie's school. Since all the Dads work, they never make it to the parties or to the classroom. So, tonight Jason got to go to McKenzie's school and see what really happens when she goes there. They had a great time! They played play-doh, colored, played in the sand and McKenzie even made Jason a tie! It is so cute and Jason said all the Dads were wearing their ties at the party! I think Father's Night is a great idea and Jason really enjoyed his time at McKenzie's school.

All ready to go!

Jason's tie, key chain, and book mark that MG made him.

The back of his book mark was so sweet I had to take a picture of it!

Big Baby Turns One

Last night McKenzie's doll, the one she calls Big Baby because it is her biggest doll, turned one! McKenzie set up an entire party with all her babies and stuff animals around her table. She then served them all tea and even baked Big baby a cake in her oven. It was the most precious thing to watch. She sang the birthday song to Big Baby and then pretended to blow out her candles! What a girl we have on our hands! She did this all on her own!

One angle of the guests at the birthday party.

Another view of the guests!

Up close

The birthday cake and cookies!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Doll House

McKenzie has gotten into dolls big time lately. She rocks them, cooks in her kitchen and feeds them, pushes them all over the house and says she is going to Wal-Mart with them, and even bathes them. She is such a great little mom! Well for Christmas she got this doll house. She loves her doll house. The doll house came with a family of a Mom, Dad, and twin babies- one boy and one girl. McKenzie was playing in her doll house yesterday with Jason and she became really upset. She discovered that her babies did not have beds to sleep in. (This doll house is one that you furnish the rooms one set at a time, it did not all come together.) So we took her yesterday to Toy R Us and bought her the nursery set so that her babies would have beds. She was so excited! However, the cribs that it came with have plastic blankets built in to the beds. They are not the kind of blankets that come out and you can actually cover the babies up. McKenzie was not satisfied with that. She wanted her babies covered up so that they would not be cold. Here was her solution all on her own!

She went to her drawer and got a blanket out and just covered up the entire dool house starting with the cribs on the top! Too funny!

Up close- the cribs are covered up and the babies are warm!

Random Cute Pictures

McKenzie watching Mickey in our bed!

Driving to Wal-Mart

Before church today...she wanted to wear her hat from Uncle Jeffrey!

Monday, January 10, 2011

More *S*N*O*W*

Well last night we got another round of snow! With all this snow this year, I feel like I still live in NY! We got about 4-5 inches of snow last night and then it sleeted on top of that. Now, there is snow under a sheet of ice. However, our driveway has been turned into a sled shoot. It is a glare of ice and we have just enough slope to make the sled fly! Mom is here with us. She came last night banking on school being closed for a few days. They had a ball sledding. When McKenzie was taking her nap today, Mom went back out and hit the slope again, by herself! She went sledding so fast, she crossed the street and the curb had to stop her. It was hilarious to watch!Mom and McKenzie getting ready to sled!

All the way across the street!

The backyard

My Monkey Cake

Jason and I have friends who have a little boy. He turned one on December 31st and his birthday party was January 9th. I was asked to make his birthday cake. Joshua had a monkey themed party. So, here is my monkey cake! It was so fun to make!