Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Father's Night

Tonight, was Father's Night at McKenzie's school. Since all the Dads work, they never make it to the parties or to the classroom. So, tonight Jason got to go to McKenzie's school and see what really happens when she goes there. They had a great time! They played play-doh, colored, played in the sand and McKenzie even made Jason a tie! It is so cute and Jason said all the Dads were wearing their ties at the party! I think Father's Night is a great idea and Jason really enjoyed his time at McKenzie's school.

All ready to go!

Jason's tie, key chain, and book mark that MG made him.

The back of his book mark was so sweet I had to take a picture of it!


Amber said...

She looks so old in that pic with Jason. I love that girl!

Tank said...

Glad they had fun!