Monday, January 10, 2011

More *S*N*O*W*

Well last night we got another round of snow! With all this snow this year, I feel like I still live in NY! We got about 4-5 inches of snow last night and then it sleeted on top of that. Now, there is snow under a sheet of ice. However, our driveway has been turned into a sled shoot. It is a glare of ice and we have just enough slope to make the sled fly! Mom is here with us. She came last night banking on school being closed for a few days. They had a ball sledding. When McKenzie was taking her nap today, Mom went back out and hit the slope again, by herself! She went sledding so fast, she crossed the street and the curb had to stop her. It was hilarious to watch!Mom and McKenzie getting ready to sled!

All the way across the street!

The backyard

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Tank said...

It's snowing here now, but it isn't even that cold! It's hilarious how y'all are getting so much snow.