Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun

It has been a really fun Halloween weekend! We went next door to our neighbors Halloween party! They rented a giant slide for all the kids. The slide did not have to be returned until Monday so after church on Sunday McKenzie got to slide again! A few of the neighbor kids came over to slide too. When it was dark and the kids could not slide any more they came to our house and frosted cookies! It was great fun!

McKenzie and not so happy Landon!

Cookie frosting fun!

Lilly, Sam, and Avery

Olivia and Max

Sweet Max

Pumpkin Carving

Last Friday McKenzie and Landon carved the pumpkin with some help from Daddy! It was great fun! We roasted the pumpkin seeds and had a little snack when the pumpkin was all finished being carved. Talking about what the pumpkin should look like!

Getting Landon's input!

Pumpkin seeds...some have cinnamon and sugar and the others just salt. Yummy!

The finished product!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our First Bon Fire

Sunday night we had the Andersons over for dinner. We had a cookout and then Jason fired up our new fire pit! We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. It was really fun and kids had a great time! Gary and Landon

The fire pit

Gettin' ready to roast the marshmallows


S'more time!


McKenzie, Sammy, and Olivia

Megan and Nicola

Nicola teaching us how to roast the perfect marshmallow!

Olivia and sweet!

Enjoying the fire pit!

McKenzie's Homework

This year at Preschool we were warned that McKenzie would have homework from time to time. Here was her first assignment. She was sent home with the plan white person and she had to decorate it however she wanted to! Ta-Da!

Heflin Cousins

Sunday, after church our Heflin cousins came to meet Landon. It had been a minute since we saw them last. The boys have grown, grown! It was great to see them and hang out for a little while. We are glad that they have gotten to meet Landon!

Connor and Landon

Karen...AKA Ceaser and Landon

Jackson (Karen's nephew), Karen, Landon, and John Russell

First Sunday to Church

Sunday, October 24, 2011 was Landon's first time to Midway. He was such a good boy. I only had to take him out once for being too loud! When he calmed down he slept the rest of the service!

Nana's Birthday Party

After Burt's Farm we went back to Brian and Amber's house to celebrate Nana's birthday. We had a cookout and it was lots of fun! Tate and McKenzie played so well together! It is going to be really busy when Tucker and Landon are old enough to play too!

Tate and McKenzie enjoying the slide!

Aunt Gail brought cookies to decorate!

Great job Tate!

Nana helping MG

Auntie Amber feeding Landon

Sweet Tucker

Blowing out the candles!

Jason and his mini Me!

Tucker holding the fork and wanting real dessert!

UB working MG over!

Nana opening presents!

McKenzie loving on Tucker