Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Burt's Farm 2011

Last Saturday we went to Burt's Farm...the giant pumpkin patch! We had a big crowd this year. We went with Brian and Amber and the boys like always, Mom and Dad came this year, Gail and Marty, Brittany and Jordan, and one of Amber's friends and her husband and kids! It was a blast! The kids had a really great time and Tucker and Landon got to have their very first Burt's experience! We did the hay ride too and took up one entire wagon!

So excited!

MG loved on Tucker all day!

Sharing a snack and talking about life!

Thanks for the Icees Papa T!

Landon is loving the hayride!

Dad, Landon, Gail, and Marty

Brian, Megan, Brittany, and Jordan

Mom's lovin' it!

The house of pumpkins

LJ in the lil pumpkins!

Precious boy

Deciding what to get into next!

They sure do love each other!


Amber, Brian, Tate, and Tucker

Everyone minus Steve

Jason, Megan, McKenzie, and Landon

Marty, Gail, Brittany, and Jordan

Sweet brothers

McKenzie just loves her brother!

Tucker Bear

The "Babysitter!"

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