Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving Day

When Jason and I found out that I was pregnant with McKenzie we decided then not to find out if she was a girl or a boy. Therefore, we did the nursery gender neutral and decided that the nursery would always be the nursery for all the children. So today, we a big day. McKenzie and I moved all her stuff to her big girl room from her nursery. She has been sleeping in there for a while now and it was crazy to get ready in one room and sleep in another. So, today was moving day. It was a bittersweet feeling. Moving her to her new room and getting all her stuff set up in a new place makes it so real that she is really 3 and so big already - the bitter part. However, the sweet part is yet to come! We can't wait to meet our little Sam in August! So now, it is time to make the nursery a nursery again, raise the crib and get the selves cleaned off for all new stuff to come!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

McKenzie's First Haircut

This afternoon McKenzie got her first haircut! It is something that I have put of doing for a very long time! I just did not want her to loose all her beautiful curls. However, her little hair was so fine it had to be done. When we got there she did not know what to expect. I got my haircut first so she could watch and know what to expect. Then it was her turn. She got right up in the chair and did such a great job of being still. Here at the pictures from our experience!


Getting it wet and ready to cut

The first cut! Don't worry I saved it!

All done! Such a big girl!

Feeling it to see how it feels now! She loves it!

A Tornado Slumber Party

Last night Georgia and Alabama got creamed with horrific thunderstorms and tornadoes. Jason being out of town, I was a bit anxious for the storms to pass. However, around 8:30 our friend Lobello calls and we chatted about the weather. She decided that her house had no safe place to hide in a tornado so she was heading over to spend the night because we have a tornado room in our basement. On the way Lobello calls another one of our friends, Heider and checks on him. He has no place to hide either so he came too! We could hear tornado sirens in the distant but we never got anything really. Less than a 1/2 inch of rain a few thunder claps a few lightning strikes. We made cookies and watched the news/weather reports until at 1 am until everything was passed us. We were so blessed last night. Every where around us was awful, be were fine. Thank you Lord for watching over us!

A Special Visit

This week Jason has been out of town. This week also, my mom has been on spring break. So, on Monday, Mom, Amber, Tate, and Tucker can to stay with McKenzie and me until Wednesday morning. We had a ball! McKenzie got to watch Tucker get a bath and got to hold him and love on him. MG and Tate played, and played, and played. And...Nana got to spend time with all her babies at once! Thanks for coming to hang out with us guys!

Gettin' in some good practice!

Look how handsome he is!

Dress up time...a Disney princess dress over the must-wear jersey! Hilarious!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Hoppy" Easter

Happy Easter Y'all! What a whirlwind, super fun, day we had! We got up this morning and McKenzie found her basket from the Easter Bunny! She was really excited about it! Then we headed to Madison for the day to spend time with the Lamb Fam. We were all together and it was really fun! McKenzie got to hold Tucker for the first time today and that for sure was a highlight to her day. She was quick to tell everyone holding him that he was not a doll and that he needed to be held very gently. Can you tell what we told her?! Then, after Easter lunch we had McKenzie's 3 year pictures taken and some of the 3 of us too. That was the first time that we had family pictures taken since McKenzie was 6 months old. It was defiantly time! I am not sure it was the best time with my growing belly but, it was well overdue! After that it was back to the farm for the famous egg hunt and baskets, as well as dessert! Then time to head back home. It was a fast day but a really fun day too! However, the very best part of this day is that He is Risen!

Looking over the rail to see if her basket is off the table! Did the Easter Bunny come?

Down the stairs to begin the hunt!

Looking all over for her basket while wearing her favorite pair for high heels! (Thanks Auntie Amber for those! They sound great on the wood floor!)

McKenzie found her basket!

Baxter sniffing the basket remembering when he used to get one! Poor Baxter!

Swingin' at the farm!

Holding Tucker for the very first time!

All 3 cousins!

Egg Hunting!

Tucker and Nana


MG found one of hers!

"Hey Tate, I see one with a T on it!"

"Thanks, here I come!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ELC Easter Party

This morning was McKenzie's Easter Egg Hunt at her school. It was so fun! We had to have the egg hunt inside because of the weather. It was sprinkling this morning so they just hunted in the room. There were eggs every where! Me, being mom of the year...forgot to send in McKenzie's Easter basket. I felt so awful. Poor baby was the only one without a basket. She had to use a Target bag. She was that kid...and I was that mom! Oh well, what can I do about it now.

McKenzie is hilarious to watch hunt eggs. She found two and then sat down in the middle of the floor to eat what was inside. Meanwhile, all the other kids are picking up all the eggs. I tried to explain to her that she needed to keep hunting eggs and eat the treats later, but she did not care. She was just as happy to have a few eggs and eat the the treat then!

The classroom already for the kids to come in!

Waiting in the hall to entire the hunt!


Egg one! that she has about 4 eggs it is time to take a break from hunting and eat what is inside!

Jackson does not understand...he is trying to get all the eggs he can!

Still eating!

Just one more piece!

Back on the hunt!

Such a sad little face...

Look how full all the baskets are! Don't worry, the teacher took them into the hall to make sure all the kids got the same amount!

One happy girl!

Snack time