Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tucker Merritt Lamb

I am so happy to say that the newest Lamb in the flock has arrived! Sweet little Tucker Merritt was born this morning at 10:49 by emergency c-section. He weighed 8 lbs. (sorry I put 9 but it was really 8!) and 10 oz. and is 21.5 inches long! He is a big boy, but still so little and precious to hold. Tucker was all original and Merritt is named after our Grandpa, Jay Merritt, my Dad's Dad. Making his initials the same at Tate's! (However, the spelling of Merritt is still up in the air! Some say it is Merritt and others say it is Merit. My grandpa says, I can't remember! So, the spelling will be the same whenever that is determined!) After driving home from the beach today, McKenzie and I got back in the car, not being able to wait any longer to meet him and went to give him some love. McKenzie was so excited. For a minute I did not think that she was going to be able to go into the room to see him because she is not immediate family. She was devastated and cried and cried. However, UB walked her right through and she was one excited cousin! McKenzie did pretty well with the baby. She did not really understand that you have to be so gentle and can't just hug them like you can a baby doll but she kissed all over her new little cousin! When we were leaving she said to me, Mom, I can't wait to meet baby Sam! I told her I agreed and then I thought, oh no, the end of August is a long ways off for her!

Tucker and his Mommy, who by the way, looks great!

McKenzie loving on her new cousin!

Gentle, gentle!

More kisses!

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