Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving Day

When Jason and I found out that I was pregnant with McKenzie we decided then not to find out if she was a girl or a boy. Therefore, we did the nursery gender neutral and decided that the nursery would always be the nursery for all the children. So today, we a big day. McKenzie and I moved all her stuff to her big girl room from her nursery. She has been sleeping in there for a while now and it was crazy to get ready in one room and sleep in another. So, today was moving day. It was a bittersweet feeling. Moving her to her new room and getting all her stuff set up in a new place makes it so real that she is really 3 and so big already - the bitter part. However, the sweet part is yet to come! We can't wait to meet our little Sam in August! So now, it is time to make the nursery a nursery again, raise the crib and get the selves cleaned off for all new stuff to come!

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