Sunday, April 10, 2011

McKenzie's Sweet Shop

Yesterday was McKenzie's 3rd birthday! We can't even believe that we are already parents of a 3 year old. Since she is over the top about candy and gum we decided to have a sweet shop party. It was a sweet success! We had grilled chicken sandwiches for lunch and all that goes with it. McKenzie had a gumball machine cake and a sweet shop set up in the garage. To top it off we had a cotton candy machine and a popcorn maker. It was a really fun party! Thank you everyone who came to help us celebrate!


The gingerbread house table...all the kids attempted to make a gingerbread house! It was kind of a bust but really fun to watch!

Popcorn, cotton candy, and gumball machines for all!

Welcome to McKenzie's Sweet Shop

A gumdrop wreath I made!

Don't worry...the big black bucket was toothbrushes!

Every child got a gumball machine and a walk through the sweet shop!

Gingerbread house stuff

Ring around the Rosie!

Hitting the sweet shop early! Busted!

Gingerbread house time!

Jason keeping all the kids happy!

Tate...where are you?!

Lauren and Michelle...our sweet neighbors!

Precious Brock!

HiHi and his cotton candy!

A sign made just for me!!!

LoLo got hers!

Look at how handsome these brothers are!

Braden loved the marshmellows!

Dodes came to the party and spent the night with us the night before and was my super helper! Thanks for all your hard work!

The toothbrushes!


After the attempt to make gingerbread houses!

All of us minus mom

Getting ready to sing to the birthday girl!

Don't worry...she sang to herself!

Blew it out in one big blow!

McKenzie and Raigan getting the gumballs!

Too much sugar

LoLo playing Mommy and helping MG!

Mary and Jace

The birthday girl in her new dress from Nana!

Tate was so proud of his first piece of gum! He showed everyone!

Thank you everyone for all my stuff!

Ahhh...a new bike!

Tate trying it out!

Center pieces


Playing with the doctor kit from Uncle Jeffrey...Missed you again this year!

Trying out the new bike! even had a seat for bab


Amber said...

So, so precious! Tate had a great time and was still very proud of his gum when he got home! T he decor wad top-notch of course totally what I would expect. Also Jason looks amazing very proud of him!

Tank said...

Megan, that party looked amazing! You are so talented! It is hard to believe that little Kenzie is three already. Can't wait to move home this summer! Love you guys.

Laura said...

What a sweet party! McKenzie is just so cute. I love all the decorations, especially the gumdrop wreath!