Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ELC Easter Party

This morning was McKenzie's Easter Egg Hunt at her school. It was so fun! We had to have the egg hunt inside because of the weather. It was sprinkling this morning so they just hunted in the room. There were eggs every where! Me, being mom of the year...forgot to send in McKenzie's Easter basket. I felt so awful. Poor baby was the only one without a basket. She had to use a Target bag. She was that kid...and I was that mom! Oh well, what can I do about it now.

McKenzie is hilarious to watch hunt eggs. She found two and then sat down in the middle of the floor to eat what was inside. Meanwhile, all the other kids are picking up all the eggs. I tried to explain to her that she needed to keep hunting eggs and eat the treats later, but she did not care. She was just as happy to have a few eggs and eat the the treat then!

The classroom already for the kids to come in!

Waiting in the hall to entire the hunt!


Egg one! that she has about 4 eggs it is time to take a break from hunting and eat what is inside!

Jackson does not understand...he is trying to get all the eggs he can!

Still eating!

Just one more piece!

Back on the hunt!

Such a sad little face...

Look how full all the baskets are! Don't worry, the teacher took them into the hall to make sure all the kids got the same amount!

One happy girl!

Snack time


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Tank said...

Glad it was fun! Happy Easter from Norway!