Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Glider

Yesterday, McKenzie learned how to pump her glider on her play set all by herself! I could not believe it! She had a babysitter yesterday and when I got home they were outside playing. When I walked out there she came running to me. After the babysitter left she wanted back on her glider. I went to push her and MG said, "No, no. I can do it!" So, she did! She began moving her feet and pushing with her arms and all of a sudden she was moving the glider! I cannot believe that she has already figured that out! She is so amazing! Here is her video!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jesus Loves Me

Today was a stressful day! We had a million things to do and several places to go. McKenzie just would not listen. Everything I said to her she would look right at me and do it anyways. I just run out of patience early on days like this. By bath time tonight I just felt like all day long I had been saying, No, NO, NOO! Do you ever have days like this? Anyways, as I was rocking MG tonight she was telling me what song she wanted me to sing. I could not for the life of me figure out what she was saying. Poor girl was getting so frustrated and finally I got it. Jesus loves me is what she wanted me to sing! I just lost it. As I sang I just cried. It is the little moments like that that take away all the stress from a day like today! It was a great way to end today, with a song that I have sang to her since before she was born. So, I have to remember that even when I am frustrated, Jesus loves me and even when McKenzie is not listening at all, Jesus loves her! Thank you Jesus!

Steve's Christmas Present

This year for Christmas Jason and I gave Steve a ticket to the George Strait and Reba concert in Atlanta. I got the other ticket! Well, it was last night! It was the best concert I have ever been to. It started at 7 and was over at 11:30. I could not believe that they played so long! Leann Womack opened the show, which was amazing! Then came Reba! She even had Barbara Jean on the stage with her from the Reba show if you know what I am talking about. Super funny! They when Reba left the stage everyone cheered and she came back out in an old taxi, (like the ones from the movies or in NYC) she had changed her clothes into a red dress and she came back on stage to sing Fancy! It was incredible! Reba really puts on a show. She was dancing and singing all over the stage! Then came the King of Country Music...Mr. George Strait!!! Oh my gosh, I went crazy! He sang for over an hour and a half! It was amazing! The only song I wanted him to sing was Baby Blue and he never did. When he left the stage and came back on his first song he sang was all in Spanish. It was really good! Then he sang two more and it was over. Steve and I just had the best time. It was really fun just hanging out with him and spending time together enjoying the concert so much. We both had an awesome time! If you have the chance don't miss Reba or George...they are amazing! Leann Womack


After Reba, I ran into my friend Brooke at the bathroom!

The King of Country!

Mr. George Strait

Brad and Brooke

Me and Steve

Mr. Mom

Last weekend I flew to Philadelphia to visit Cookie! Most of you know that Robin and I have been best friends since nursery school! We had the most amazing time. I flew in Friday night and flew home early Monday morning. We ate at some of the most delicious restaurants I have ever been to. On Sunday, we took a walking tour of Philly called Flavors of Philly. It was so yummy. On our tour we got to sample all the different foods that are famous to Philly. We went to a movie and just relaxed at Cookie's apt. It was amazing how fast I could get ready and out the door when it was just me! I had a fabulous weekend away with Cookie! Back at home, Jason did a wonderful job with MG for the weekend! They had a date to Chinese and Dairy Queen, went to church, and he even got her to school on time on Monday morning! I was so impressed! It is really funny though, MG seems to want which ever one of us she has been with for some time. That is usually me, just because I am with her all the time. However, when I got home she was excited to see me but immediately asked for Da Da. Jason was loving it! I thought it was really sweet! Here is a picture below of all the snow still in Philly.

Cookie with all her Philly snow! Taller than her!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Special Kind of Love

Today, McKenzie got a very special Valentine in the mail! It was from her sweet cousin, Tate! He made her a Valentine card and got her a cupcake sucker. How sweet was that? I absolutely love that Tate and McKenzie are so close in age. It has been so much fun watching them grow up too fast together. They do not get to see each other near as much as I would like, but when they do get together they pick right back up! I hope that as they grow up they will always be close and each other's partner in crime! I never had a cousin that close in age to me and I just think that they are very lucky to have each other! Below Tate's Valentine to MG are some pictures that were taken over Christmas at Mom's house. Emily, the photographer who does McKenzie's pictures came to the house and took several family pictures.

You can't really tell but inside the heart are Tate's hand prints! So sweet!

I love this one!

More S*N*O*W* in GA

Last Friday night Feb. 12th, (I am behind!) we got more snow! It started snowing about 1 pm and snowed until after midnight. It was the most beautiful snow I have seen since I moved south in 1992. We ended up with a total of about 5 1/2 inches! That is like record snow fall in Georgia! McKenzie played in the snow on Friday and again on Saturday. However, most of it all was melted by Saturday night. Saturday was very warm. Jason took it upon himself to look up a recipe online for snow cream. It is like vanilla ice cream. He made it and it was very good! Below are more pictures of our snow this winter. We have had two great snows this winter so far!

Saturday after the snow started to melt...but look at the beautiful blue sky!

snow cream!

MG had to swing on her now swing set!

The trees were just beautiful!

Really deep!

MG getting warm after being outside! Ba Ba was helping warm her!

A great looking snowman!

Getting cold...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hair Bows 101

Today, my good friend Ellen came over to teach me how to make those beautiful hair bows that are an arm and a leg in the store. It was so fun! Ellen was such a good teacher and we laughed our way through my learning! However, at the end of bow making 101 McKenzie has seven new hair bows! I am so proud of them. They are not perfect yet, but I have the steps down, I just have to master them! Below are MG's new bows!

I can't take credit for the green striped bow. Ellen made that one!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Playground

I am not sure how many of you really follow this blog but in an earlier post I talked about this playground that we bought for McKenzie's birthday on Craig's List. Once we got the playground to our house, we needed a place to put it. Our entire back yard is a slope. Not a big slop but, there is no level ground back there. Our neighbor across the street happens to be a landscaper. Jason talked to him about making a spot for the playground. We told him what we wanted and this is the final project! He finished today! They have been working all day outside in the freezing cold to finish it. It looks way better than we ever could have imagined! Now, we just need some warm weather so that MG can go out and play!

It is in the woods of our backyard. Right behind our house, so you can't see it from the road.

Valentine Party

Today we had MG's Valentine Party at her preschool. She had a blast! They once again had made several really cute Valentine projects that we got to bring home. It was precious to watch them pass out their Valentine cards to each other! Overall, a really fun party!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Valentine Cards

McKenzie has her Valentine's party at school tomorrow. So, yesterday we got her Valentine's all ready. She only has three other kids in her class with her so it was not bad at all! Really fun, actually! McKenzie loves to do art projects and color and stamp with stamp pads. However, yesterday was the very first attempt with scissors. I held her hand in mine and tried to show her how to do it, but she is just too little. So I cut out the pictures of her classmates and she glued them onto the envelopes and then decorated them. They are so cute! When she passes them out she will just have to look at the picture and know who it goes to. Great idea teachers! She had a really good time decorating her Valentines!

Tongue out = working hard!

Finished product- fronts of the envelopes

Finished products-backs of the envelopes!
(She got real creative and just started stamping her own hand print!)