Friday, February 26, 2010

Jesus Loves Me

Today was a stressful day! We had a million things to do and several places to go. McKenzie just would not listen. Everything I said to her she would look right at me and do it anyways. I just run out of patience early on days like this. By bath time tonight I just felt like all day long I had been saying, No, NO, NOO! Do you ever have days like this? Anyways, as I was rocking MG tonight she was telling me what song she wanted me to sing. I could not for the life of me figure out what she was saying. Poor girl was getting so frustrated and finally I got it. Jesus loves me is what she wanted me to sing! I just lost it. As I sang I just cried. It is the little moments like that that take away all the stress from a day like today! It was a great way to end today, with a song that I have sang to her since before she was born. So, I have to remember that even when I am frustrated, Jesus loves me and even when McKenzie is not listening at all, Jesus loves her! Thank you Jesus!

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