Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Valentine Cards

McKenzie has her Valentine's party at school tomorrow. So, yesterday we got her Valentine's all ready. She only has three other kids in her class with her so it was not bad at all! Really fun, actually! McKenzie loves to do art projects and color and stamp with stamp pads. However, yesterday was the very first attempt with scissors. I held her hand in mine and tried to show her how to do it, but she is just too little. So I cut out the pictures of her classmates and she glued them onto the envelopes and then decorated them. They are so cute! When she passes them out she will just have to look at the picture and know who it goes to. Great idea teachers! She had a really good time decorating her Valentines!

Tongue out = working hard!

Finished product- fronts of the envelopes

Finished products-backs of the envelopes!
(She got real creative and just started stamping her own hand print!)

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Tank said...

She is so talented!!! Happy Valentines day!!