Monday, February 1, 2010

Da Da Time

The past two Mondays Jason has not had to go to the office to work. When he does not have appointments he can work from home. So, he has taken McKenzie to school and picked her up the last two Mondays. This has truly given me some "me" time. It is amazing how quickly I can clean the house, top to bottom when my little "helper" is not here! This is all great practice for Jason and I really appreciate him and what he does. I will be going to Philly on Friday the 19th - Monday morning. I will be spending the weekend with my best friend Robin (Cookie). I am so excited about my weekend away. However that means that Jason is in charge and has to get MG ready for school and there by 9 all by himself! He will do a great job!

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Tank said...

I am glad you are getting to go see Cookie. I know u will have the best time. You deserve it!