Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Special Kind of Love

Today, McKenzie got a very special Valentine in the mail! It was from her sweet cousin, Tate! He made her a Valentine card and got her a cupcake sucker. How sweet was that? I absolutely love that Tate and McKenzie are so close in age. It has been so much fun watching them grow up too fast together. They do not get to see each other near as much as I would like, but when they do get together they pick right back up! I hope that as they grow up they will always be close and each other's partner in crime! I never had a cousin that close in age to me and I just think that they are very lucky to have each other! Below Tate's Valentine to MG are some pictures that were taken over Christmas at Mom's house. Emily, the photographer who does McKenzie's pictures came to the house and took several family pictures.

You can't really tell but inside the heart are Tate's hand prints! So sweet!

I love this one!

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Amber said...

I love those pics - can't wait to get them.