Monday, February 1, 2010

Raising the Roof

Today Jason took McKenzie to school and picked her up. When he got there to pick her up her teacher, Mrs. Michelle came came out into the hall to tell him about McKenzie's day. She explained how she was talking about "raising the roof" meaning lifting your arms up over your head. (It is a kind of dance move from way back!) You know what I am talking about! So, anyways when the teachers started to talk about that today, McKenzie begins to Raise the Roof! The teachers I guess could not believe that she knew about that because when Jason picked her up she told him about it right away and wanted him to know that they did not teach her this! Jason just laughed and replied, McKenzie learned to "raise the roof" last summer in Panama City! When he called me to report this I just died laughing! Can you imagine what MG's teachers think of us now that he responded, "McKenzie learned to "raise the roof" last summer in Panama City? Jason is just too funny!

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Tank said...

that is hilarious! Kathy is smiling... ;) that was one of Connor's first moves!