Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More S*N*O*W* in GA

Last Friday night Feb. 12th, (I am behind!) we got more snow! It started snowing about 1 pm and snowed until after midnight. It was the most beautiful snow I have seen since I moved south in 1992. We ended up with a total of about 5 1/2 inches! That is like record snow fall in Georgia! McKenzie played in the snow on Friday and again on Saturday. However, most of it all was melted by Saturday night. Saturday was very warm. Jason took it upon himself to look up a recipe online for snow cream. It is like vanilla ice cream. He made it and it was very good! Below are more pictures of our snow this winter. We have had two great snows this winter so far!

Saturday after the snow started to melt...but look at the beautiful blue sky!

snow cream!

MG had to swing on her now swing set!

The trees were just beautiful!

Really deep!

MG getting warm after being outside! Ba Ba was helping warm her!

A great looking snowman!

Getting cold...

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Tank said...

I cannot believe all of the snow y'all are getting this year! I am glad I was there for the last one.